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This resource is used to check the consistency of the entire resource space. It also tries to fix problems encountered. It works by walking through the entire resource space (by running within a very low priority thread). During this walk, the salvager can encounter several problems:

The salvager should be run until both categories of problems are totally solved; once all the above problems are fixed, you should run the Salvager once again to perform a verification of the resource space. This time, each resource is checked to see if it is still consistent for it to exist, and deleted if needed. This allows, for example, to make sure that files that have been indexed but which no longer exists are removed from the resource space.

Under any circumstances, it is highly recommended that you backup your configuration (by archiving Jigsaw configuration directory) before you run the salvager.


The SalvagerResource class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The SalvagerResource defines the following attributes:


The name of the file to use as the log for reporting the salvager's result. It is recommended that you use a name that will trigger the file to be exported (eg by using a .txt extension).
This attribute is an editable FilenameAttribute
default value
This attribute has no default value; when unset log infos will be sent to the Java VM standard output.

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