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Page Compilation in Jigsaw.

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Note that this is server-side only and this may be not available on all the servers around.

List of tags:

<java> </java> or <java type=code> </java>
Define java code for the getmethod.
<java type=import> </java>
Define one or more import statement.
Ex: <java type=inport>import java.net.*;</java>
<java type=extends> </java>
Specify the name of the class to extends the GeneratedFrame from.
Ex: <java type=extends>MyOwnFrame</java>
<java type=implements> </java>
Specify a list of interfaces the GeneratedFrame will implements.
Ex: <java type=implements>MyInterface1, MyInterface2 </java>
<java type=class> </java>
Define some member variables or some method for the GeneratedFrame.
Ex: <java type=class>int counter = 0;</java>
<java type=print> </java>
Enclose a Java expression to be sent to the PageCompileOutputStream.
Ex: <java type=print>new Date()</java>

Variables availables:

request [Request]
The incomming request.
reply [Reply]
The HTTP reply.
out [PageCompileOutputStream]
The reply OutputStream.