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This frameclass allows you to mirror any existing site. It works by using the caching module of Jigsaw and by using a different lookup strategy for the cached resource. It will handle redirections too, so that if the origin server emits a redirection to an URL that it holds, then the mirror resource will rewrite the redirection and hand it out as being the target of the relocation.

Warning: because this resource really does what it claims to do, it should always be used in conjunction with the VirtualHostFrame. As Jigsaw will mirror a given site, it will no longer export the Admin directory, hence were you not to use the virtual host handling the configuration would no longer be accessible.


The MirrorFrame class inerits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The MirrorFrame defines the following attributes:

The base URL of the site to mirror. This is typically of the form http://host:port, eg http://www.w3.org.
This attribute is an editable StringAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to null.

Jigsaw Team
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