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About the Internationalization Interest Group

The Internationalization (I18N) Interest Group is part of the W3C Internationalization Activity.

Mission: To help the Working Groups within the Internationalization Activity with advice and opinions from a larger group of people with knowledge in different languages and cultures as well as different parts of the Web architecture. The I18N IG also provides a forum to discuss issues related to the internationalization of the Web.

The Interest Group also includes a task force focused on indic layout requirements.

For more details, see the Interest Group Charter.

How to Join

Subscribe to the www-international@w3.org mailing list. You can also look at the public archive (no subscription necessary).


The Interest Group holds no meetings.

Work in Progress

See the archives for:

You will need to subscribe to each of these lists separately. Follow the links above to find out how.

Get involved !

As a member of the I18N IG, you can help by reviewing early versions of W3C specifications for internationalization issues.

Send your comments to the interest group list, and the Internationalization Core Working Group will consider them and forward them to the relevant working group. This work is central to ensuring that new technologies developed at W3C meet the needs of global users.

See the Review Radar for a current schedule of documents in the Last Call review stage.

We also welcome contributions to discussions on the wide range of issues posted on the main IG mailing list, and its sub-lists dedicated to CJK, Indic and Bidi issues.

Chair: Martin Dürst
Staff contact: Richard Ishida (ishida at w3 dot org)

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