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Boston, March 2003

agenda - attendees - minutes (tbd)

The second Face-to-Face meeting of the GEO Task Force has been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, 3rd and 4th March 2003, in Boston, Massachusetts as part of the W3C Technical Plenary.

See also the page for meeting logistics.


The agenda is still open for comments and suggestions. Please send to

To help us prepare for the meeting, please read the following (this list will expand as we near the Tech Plenary):

Times are local Boston time (UTC/GMT -5). They are approximate, although we will try to stick to times when we know people will be phoning in.

Day 1: Monday, 3 March 2003

TimeTopicPhone participants?
9.00Welcome & introductions 
9.15Finalising the agenda 
 Define the deliverables better
  • Review the framework document:
  • Who are the intended users? What are their needs?
  • What user agents are we targeting?
  • What versions of those user agents are we targeting?
  • What is our approach: document current practise, or evangelise better practises?
  • Should we be working on other templates? Eg. Script-specific? WAI-combined?
 Define better the structure of the documents I
  • What is the toc for the authoring doc, and the x/html and css techniques databases
  • Should we have a core database?
  • Refine the wording and structure of the authoring toc to best meet the needs of the users
 Define better the structure of the documents II
  • Look at the best way of structuring content for usability of
  • ie. what types of information, how to place that on the page, what level of detail, etc.?
  • how should these two interact?
  • Additional questions:
    • How do we deal with information about specific user agents? Show whether everything works on specific UA versions (like Danny Goodman's Dynamic HTML book), or point out unusual or non-conformant features in UAs in an add-hoc manner, or both?
    • How do we handle background information, instructional text, etc. (in detail)
    • How do we handle printing of the documents?
 Ratification of the framework document [] for publication as a working draft after the Technical Plenary.
TimeTHIS IS A TEMPLATEPhone participants?
9.00Welcome & introductions 
9.15Guest speaker: Whitney Quesenbery, Whitney Interactive Design, LLCWhitney
11.00Review of WAI approach to guidelines 
12.00Audience, user needs and topic areas for guidelines 
1.30Audience, user needs and topic areas for guidelines (continued) 
3.30Architecture to support the guidelines 

Day 2: Tuesday, 4th March 2003

TimeTopicPhone participants?
9.00Content review  
 Meet with QA 


Please confirm with Richard Ishida whether or not you will be able to attend.

These meetings are open to members of the GEO Task Force, as well as those interested in participating in the Technical Plenary..

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