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IP blocked due to requesting files too quickly

Your IP address has been blocked from accessing our site for 24 hours due to abuse.

The specific type of abuse we observed is: requesting resources too frequently. Specifically, we received an average of more than 10 requests per second from your IP address over a time period of ten minutes, i.e. more than 6000 requests within a ten-minute time interval. (see more details...)

If you are using an application that makes automated HTTP requests to other sites, please configure it to use a short delay between consecutive requests to the same site, to avoid overloading Web servers.

If you are a corporate user, please check with your network administrators who should be able to determine the source of the excessive traffic coming from your network. (please refer them to this page, as well as the detailed report for your IP address.)

Once the issue has been resolved, you will be removed from our blocklist automatically within 24 hours; there is no need to contact us in order to be delisted.

For more information on Web robots and HTTP caching, please see:

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