WebCGM Teleconf
06 Nov 2008


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Stuart, Dave, Benoit, Lofton, Thierry




<scribe> Scribe: bbezaire

<lofton> Absent: Don

<thierry> hello

LC Review completion & results

lofton: we have not received a lot of comments

<thierry> We may have comments from I18N coming in the following days

lofton: it seems like implementation work is behind schedule
... test suite is about half done
... one implementor expects his initial work to be done in a few weeks.
... another by mid-december.
... have not heard from the other two implementors

Thierry: we might get comments from I18N
... we should start drafting answers to the comments now

<thierry> hello I can't hear anything , Have I lost you

Thierry: don't have a clear idea of what the I18N comment will be

Status & Forecast for test suite and implementations

lofton: it will be mid-december before we have a lot of implementation work done
... explains Option 2: LC now, F2F in Jan-Feb in reference [2]
...( [2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webcgm-wg/2008Sep/0018.html)
... think option 2 is the still the best way forward
... since we don't have to request a transition to w3m

Thierry: I also agree.

lofton: let us continue with option 2

<thierry> We will close the LC review 2 weeks from today the 20th

<lofton> Agreed: we stick with Option #2 for processing plan.

<lofton> Goal: close out the LC comment processing by end of next telecon, 2 wks from today.

Thierry: we should discuss during our next telecon what work might be done at a late-January F2F.

lofton: agreed, let's discuss it in email before the next meeting.

lofton: anything else for this meeting?


<Staurt> bye

Summary of Action Items

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