WebCGM WG telecon
22 Jun 2006


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Stuart Galt
dieter, benoit
don, chris
Lofton Henderson
Dave Cruikshank




<scribe> Scribe: Dave Cruikshank

<scribe> ScribeNick: davec

Routine WG business

Registration open for f2f

Members should go to reference url and fill out form whether they are attending or not

Reminder that there will be no telecon on June 29th due to holiday schedules.

Last call status

Ready to go and is scheduled to be published on June 23

Chris has agreed to send publication announcement

During and after Last Call

All WG members need to join public comment list so they can review comments

Members are reminded that individuals should not respond to comments. They will be handled by the group.

<lofton> meeting adjourned (no quorum in any case)

Summary of Action Items

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