WebCGM face-to-face
Ann Arbor -- 24 Aug 2009 -- Day 1


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Rob, Dave, Lofton, tmichel, bbezaire, don, stuart, ulrich, forrest


<lofton> look at agenda: http://www.w3.org/Graphics/WebCGM/2009/F2F/

Welcome, Logistics, Week's events, Review agenda

Welcome all and thank you for PTC hosting this meeting.

Goals for this meeting

Last Call processing

any Last Call loose ends

We had one comment come in http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webcgm-wg/2009Aug/0013.html

It was agreed that 2.7.2 is the prefered option.

lofton - do we need to have a informative pointer in 5.4?

general consesus was no.

resolution: update 2.7.2 with the proposed wording

Lofton will update the spec and Thierry will send a note to the

lofton - Are there any other items that will impact the last call working draft.

nobody could think of any.

mime questions -- BB/cgz and DC/cgm

Do we need a special mime type for .cgz files?

It looks like we will not need a special mime type for the compressed files.

What about links into files?

<lofton> thierry, thanks for your email about mime. A question Rob asked...

<lofton> it appears that SVG is not in the IANA registry. SVG used the "new procedure" of...

<lofton> reference [5] in my email message -- registry template is included

<lofton> in SVG spec appendix from LCWD to REC, and that should

<lofton> accomplish the SVG mime type registration. Do you know why

<lofton> its not in IANA registry yet?

lofton - maybe we should add some text that by convention .cgm is used for uncompressed cgm files and .cgz is used to compressed cgm files.

lofton - a statement warning about changing file extensions might break links

<lofton> yes, we are agreed -- I will replace the .cgz sentence in 2.4 accordingly

<Rob> IANA register URL http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/image/

<tmichel> can you please resent the IANA registration URI, I was logged off. Thanks.

IANA register URL http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/image/

final production of DoC document

lofton will make the agreed changes to 2.7.2 and send them out around lunch time today

rob - did we discuss updating the existing IANA registration for CGM?

we will discuss IANA registration until tomorrow morning.

Begin CR discussions...

CR Draft and Timeline.

lofton - with the exception of the cover page the CR draft is almost ready.

tmichel - the cover page is ready.

we need to decide "when to publish" it will be a function of when we will have the other stuff prepared.

it can happen a couple days after a transition call with the director.

It sounds like sometime the week of Sept 8th.

Then we might be able to publish on the 10th.

How long should CR be is the next question.

lofton - it might take until sometime in October to be able to resolve the fate of the at risk items.

we need to define the minimum amount of time that we remain in CR.

lofton - we should probably have the minimum be four weeks.

after CR exit the document will need to be updated and there needs to be a transition call.

the driver is the implementations.

We are not sure what we need for the exit criteria.

lofton - we have discovered a hole in the test suite and it may put some of the features at risk.

if "should" is used in the implementation report then during the transition call we would need to discuss this with the director as to why we are different

Breaking for lunch

We are back from lunch

<Rob> Suart, Zakim excused himself about 30 minutes ago.

bummers, I guess I need to reinvite it

We are dialing in now.

test suite review

The test matrix was reviewed and various implementations were compared.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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