WebCGM WG teleconf
11 Feb 2009


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Stuart_Galt, Lofton_Henderson, Thierry, BenoitB, Don_Larson
Dave, Cruikshank




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roll call 11:00am ET,

Action: update web page

lofton - the home page has been updated to show the new working draft.

next F2F: Ann Arbor

lofton - looks like we are leaning toward the late April date in Ann Arbor

Open technical threads

item c) - resolved to keep int-styl SP; explain how SPs work

item d.) [Resolved] Initial Values of new 2.1 SPs

benoit - would prefer to not use a quoted value. Something like C_METAFILE might be better [Ed. recalls it as >metafile value<, unquoted to avoid legal-value implication, and explained as per "Initial value" paragraph under SP table in current-editor-21 draft.]

item e.) [Resolved] getObjectExtent for raster elements -- will add sentence to gOE w/ refs to CGM:1999 definitions of the appropriate rectangles.

item f.) other getObjectExtent questions: clipping

lofton - proposes that clipping does not affect gOE


item g.) other getObjectExtent questions: text

Benoit guessed that non restricted text will occur in real DOM applications, despite WebCGM limitation to RestrText.

lofton - might need a non normative statement describing how to combine the boxes of the individual characters in non 2.1 instances. In any case, text will not be treated as a "path" for gOE calculation.

item h.) ACI formulation of dashLength

all agree that this should be an attribute coded as a list-of-numbers and issue should be closed

item i.) return mode of getStyleProperty

people that commented agreed with "same mode as set with setStyleProperty"

item j.) [Reopened] clarification of scale() method

tenatively we will add a center point.

if scale is in XCF files then it will need to change there as well.

new AIs to be assigned

Next WG telecon: 25 February 2009

rrsagnent, make logs member

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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