28 Jan 2009


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Present : Dave, Don, Lofton, Stuart, Thierry
Benoit, Dieter


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I am ready

Roll call 11:00am ET

Nothing to report.

Publication of 20090130 WD

WebCGM 2.1 second draft is ready for publication on Friday jan 15th. The document is already in TR space but do not advertise yet until it is formally published by Comm Team.

Disposition of comments.

All 13 comments were received and processed and agreed by commenters. We are done.
When we issue a second Last call we will reuse this current disposition of comments to track and respond to further comments.Currently the disposition of comments stays at its location. Will be moved for CR.

We have a growing list of internal issues. These are resolved at the TC and during this call.

Once the WebCGM 2.1 second draft is published, Thierry to update the webcgm WG home page accordingly.

Next F2F: March 23,24,25, Sophia

Is attendance insufficient?

Dieter and Benoit may not participate. Not sure about Stuart.

Stuart should get a response by next week

might have to revisit meeting in Sophia

Dave: meeting in europe or not is not a requirement. If in the right place may pick up Rob

Don: I can meet end of march, but if can not have Stuart, not a good idea

North America would make it easier to get people attending

Don: would be good to see this thing rolling. And start implementations.

Lofton: +1
... Dave favors north america. Don does not really care.

Seattle would probably be a good place.

Could Benoit do something in the North east? E.g. drive to Boston?

We have aW3C facility or PTC in Boston.

Lofton: hear your point about Seattle
... we are in a wait mode

Seattle is 9 hours difference with France

Lofton: wait for PTC for a decision.
... would like to get feedback from implementers
... not going to process Last Call comments during this F2F
... goal is to flush out Testsuite and have a document rather stable

<lofton> (Going to process internal, test-driven and implementation-driven comments to *make* 2nd LC text.)

Lofton: Late march would be a good idea, could be done in Sophia

Due to restriction we probably will only have one meeting (no interop meeting during in CR)

Thierry : Do we expect more substantial changes ?

Lofton: So far most of the changes are editorial and some are substantial

see item 4 in the agenda

example h). is a small change but not editorial

example e). is discussed internally.

these issues are raised and resolved in the WG. should not raise opposition from external review

lofton: So we need a meeting late march. Will have another look at the venue. If it has an impact on attendance.

Stuart: could rediscuss next week at TC

Lofton: ... does not need to start technical issues today.
... need to have PTC and other input.
Looking at the issue list

... a) and b) are resolved from last week minutes

so is c) we agreed Interior-style is needed

d) is resolved, should be changed to 'metafile'

Resolution: WebCGM agrees that these 4 (a, b, d are resolved)

k.) and m) are also resolved, these are only typos

come back in two weeks for the rest of the issues

New AIs to be assigned

Benoit identify one test needing fixing and is asking for a better test

identify "several tests" need fixing Int.Styl.

make sure they are doing the good test

Stuart: got these two items

lofton: reviewers for these tests ?

Forest is the author, Don is the reviewer ?

Don: will do the review in a week or so. started to look at it in my implementation.

lofton: anything else to talk about today ?

Next telecon: 11 February 2009


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Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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