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Jonathan would like WG minutes to be sent to www-svg so that people can more easily keep up with WG activity, and so that various non-WG people can reply directly to the minutes giving their thoughts on items under discussion, while they're under discussion.

Chris and Ed would like minutes to be sent to public-svg-wg so that they are easy to find without having to trawl though public clutter.

Proposal: send minutes to public-svg-wg and CC www-svg.

Doug would be willing to try this, but would be unhappy if it generated a lot of unproductive extra work.

Proposal: begin the minutes email with a disclaimer to head off misunderstandings and other causes of unproductive work.

DISCLAIMER: The SVG Working Group provides these minutes, unedited, in the interest of timely openness. The lack of editing may make them difficult to understand or subject to misinterpretation outside of context. If you find that to be the case, polite requests for clarification are welcome.

DISCLAIMER: In the interest of timely openness these minutes are provided unedited, which may occasionally make them difficult to understand or subject to misinterpretation. Brainstorming and crazy ideas should not be read as finalized. Polite requests for clarification and feedback are always welcome.