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Topics for the next telcon

The next telcon is on 26 February 2015.

To request an item for discussion at the next telcon, add it to the list below. Please maintain the order of agenda requests by placing your request at the end of the list.

  • ...

Topics to be taken up in future telcons

To request an item for discussion at the soonest telcon where time permits, add it to the list below.

  • Presumably small typo in SVG2 4.5.15, but do not know how to record it. (Chris Little)

SVG_ANGLETYPE_GRAD (unsigned short)

   The unit type is radians.

should be

   The unit type is grads.
  • Clarifications of specs regarding views and links (Amelia Bellamy-Royds)
    • deprecate or clarify the _replace value for the target attribute of <a> elements, and otherwise update to reflect changes in HTML definition of browsing contexts (Proposal email, existing issue in spec)
    • confirm the intended effect of a #svgView(transform(...)) fragment; should the transform be applied to the SVG layout box (like a transform property on the SVG element), or to the scaled content (as recommended by existing test suite)? (start of email thread that led to discussion, relevant section of spec)
    • Clarify whether viewTarget in a #svgView fragment or as an attribute to a <view> element should cause the CSS :target pseudoclass to apply to the named elements (email discussion)
    • Clarify what should happen when a <view> element is a child of a nested <svg> element (spec is unclear, implementations are inconsistent)
    • Clarify URL escaping for svgView parameters (spec recommends using commas instead of whitespace, but commas aren't usually allowed in preserveAspectRatio - only IE supports them; all browsers I tested, however, supported using plain whitespace) (test case using data URIs, test case using external file - neither is working on Blink, for different reasons, but my testing on local computer shows that Blink supports the unescaped whitespace and no-space options, doesn't support comma or %20).
      • Related: escaping semi-colons to allow URLs to be embedded in a semi-colon separated animation values list -- URL encoded currently recommended, but not well supported)
    • Are xpointer target fragments still supported? It is used in examples, but not specifically listed as one of the possibilities.

Topics to be taken up later

These are topics that we should discuss in a telcon, but at some later point, once it is ready for discussion.

  • Submission of SVG to ISO
  • Text Issues Sortable list
    • Text Decoration: Move to CSS3? (CR)
    • Fonts: Move to CSS3? (CR) New def for 'font-variant'.
    • Writing Modes: Move to CSS3? (WD) Revised 'writing-mode' property.
    • Is there an agreed minimal set of text functionality, over and above SVG1.2, for use cases without CSS? (Chris Little)
    • Etc.
  • Should we support focusin and focusout DOM3 events? Currently, we have focus and blur support in the interactivity portion of the spec.


26/27 February 2015: Brian Birtles 5/6 March 2015: Brian Birtles