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Topics for the next telcon

The next telcon is on 24 July 2014.

To request an item for discussion at the next telcon, add it to the list below. Please maintain the order of agenda requests by placing your request at the end of the list.

  • x and y properties on SVGTextPositionElement. What if x and y attributes are no presentation attributes for SVGTextPositionElement? The properties could still override the attributes. (krit)
  • In which section to add the new x,y,cx,cy,rx,ry,r CSS properties? (krit)

Topics to be taken up in future telcons

To request an item for discussion at the soonest telcon where time permits, add it to the list below.

  • ...

Topics to be taken up later

These are topics that we should discuss in a telcon, but at some later point, once it is ready for discussion.

  • Submission of SVG to ISO
  • Text Issues Sortable list
    • Text Decoration: Move to CSS3? (CR)
    • Fonts: Move to CSS3? (CR) New def for 'font-variant'.
    • Writing Modes: Move to CSS3? (WD) Revised 'writing-mode' property.
    • Etc.
  • Should we support focusin and focusout DOM3 events? Currently, we have focus and blur support in the interactivity portion of the spec.


Erik: 3 July, 10 July, 17 July, 24 July

Dirk: 3 July, 10 July