ISSUE-2045: Consider adding fallback behavior


Consider adding fallback behavior

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Cameron McCormack
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Some newly added wording in Tiny 1.2 was removed in favour of it being moved to Core. The markup was:

<li id="fallback">If an element in the <a href="intro.html#TermRenderingTree"><span class="svg-term">rendering tree</span></a> (e.g., <a href="struct.html#UseElement"><span class="element-name">'use'</span></a>, <a href="struct.html#ImageElement"><span class="element-name">'image'</span></a>, <a href="multimedia.html#AnimationElement"><span class="element-name">'animation'</span></a>, <a href="multimedia.html#AudioElement"><span class="element-name">'audio'</span></a>, <a href="multimedia.html#VideoElement"><span class="element-name">'video'</span></a>) contains a invalid reference, the user agent must display instead any fallback content supplied as a child of the element, in the following order of preference: any element in the <a href="intro.html#TermRenderingTree"><span class="svg-term">rendering tree</span></a> which does not contain invalid references, or its child content that matches the same criteria; or the contents of any <a href="struct.html#TitleElement"><span class="element-name">'title'</span></a> or <a href="struct.html#DescElement"><span class="element-name">'desc'</span></a> element. If no adequate fallback content is supplied, the user agent should provide a placeholder rectangle or image with the position and dimensions specified by the element's attributes, if specified, or custom dimension otherwise, and the name of the invalid resource as visible text or as a tooltip. If fallback content is rendered, the user agent may display an outline of the content, to indicate that the primary element contained an invalid resource. For more details, see the <a href="intro.html#TermBoundingBox"><span class="svg-term">bounding box</span></a> definition.</li>
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Related notes:

Consider this in the context of
Alternative text should be prefixed by an icon. The icon should be chosen from
the following list:

For images that have not been downloaded, use a generic image or
object icon.

For images that are known to be unavailable, use the missing image or
missing object icon.

For images that are in a format not supported by the UA, an unknown
format icon.

For images that are corrupted, a broken image or broken object icon.

The icons should be relatively small so as not to disrupt most text
but be easily clickable, for instance 16 pixels by 16 pixels square.
The images are intended to indicate to the user that they can be used
to get to whatever options the UA provides for images.

The icon should have the context menu that would have come up if the
user clicked on the image, had it been available.

Doug Schepers, 20 Sep 2008, 23:04:18

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