raster image of udom-smil-202-t

This tests the beginElement and beginElementAt methods of the ElementTimeControl interface, with different begin instance time lists.

The test has been passed if all the three rectangles and the circle become blue one second after clicking the circle.

The test consists of a pink circle and three animated rectangles. To perform the test, the user must click the pink circle. The three rectangles all have animations that begin='0s' and run indefinitely, and are also set to restart='none'. Clicking the circle will attempt to begin the three animations as follows:

All three animations should not begin with these method calls, since the animations have already started and are set to restart='none'. If an animation does restart, its endEvent will be captured and the rectangle will become red. If the animation does not restart, it will become blue one second after clicking the pink circle.

In addition, the circle should become blue one second after clicking it. This indicates that the implementation correctly dispatches an endEvent when an element restarts.