raster image of animate-elem-226-t

The test is passed if you see a large swirly blue image, outlined in green. Below, two smaller copies also outlined in green. Below that, a thick red outline that does not have an image inside it. All three blue images with green outlines animate over ten seconds, alternating between a blue and a pink image. The animations all finish at the same time and display the pink image thereafter.

This tests the resolving of QNames in the attributeName attribute value. The attribute tested is href, in the XLink namespace.

If an image is displayed on top of the red rectangle, or if the large image is not shown, or a purple image with 'FAIL' is shown rather than blue, the implementation is using magic prefixes and is only looking for the string 'xlink:href' rather than following the Namespaces in XML specification.

If the right-most of the two small images animates but the left-most does not, the implementation is only handling animation elements that are a direct child of the element to be animated, and does not implement animation specified by an XLink href. In that case, the large image will not animate either, but this does not necessarily mean that namespace resolution is incorrect. (It does mean that the test is failed, however).

If the two small images animate correctly but the large one does not, then resolution of QNames in the 'attributeName' attribute is not following the Namespaces in XML specification as required by the SVG specification.