raster image of pservers-grad-04-b

Test that checks the capability of the stop element in linear and radial gradients.

The first rectangle has a linear gradient fill with a vector starting at top left and going to bottom right. The stop colors are at 20% spacing apart and are in the following order : violet, blue, lime, yellow, orange, red. Because the gradient vector vector goes from (0,0) to (1,1) in object bounding box space and because the object bounding box has a larger width than height, the gradient vector is skewed off of a pure 45 degree angle. The gradient stripes are also skewed so that they are no longer perpendicular to the gradient vector.

The next rectangle has a radial gradient fill with a multi-color stops from innermost to outermost in the following order : black, yellow, red, blue, white, green.

The rendered picture should match the reference image exactly, except for possible variations in the labelling text (per CSS2 rules).