raster image of animate-elem-46-t

This test validates the operation of the animate element on the various text and font properties. This test is very similar to animate-elem-77-t.svg which uses the set element instead of the animate element to modify graphics properties.

For each text or font properties, there are three tests. One animates the text or font property directly on a text element which uses the property. The other two tests apply the animation on a container element (g and a), and validate that the animated property is inherited by children text elements.

For each animation test, the element on which the animation is applied is also translated by an animation so that the various states of the animation can be checked more easily. There is a gray reference marker which shows the expected animation state at the begining of the animation, mid-way, or at the end of the animation.

Only the animation of font-size should show a continuous change of the font size.

The following animations have a discrete behavior: text-anchor, font-family, font-style, font-weight.