raster image of animate-elem-52-t

The purpose of this test is to test eventbase targets.

The test consists of 4 rectangles named A, B, C, D. The D rectangle contains three animations changing the color of the animation target. Each animation applies to one of the other rectangles by using xlink:href. Clicking on rect A should change it's color immediately, clicking B changes its color after 2 seconds, clicking C changes its color after 4 seconds and clicking D shows no visible change (although D contains the animations the event target for each animation is the referenced rectangle, this rectangle is also the animation target.)

The following sections in the SMIL Animation spec ( are relevant as confirmation of this test: The SMIL spec(3.6.7 subsection "Event Values") states that "If the Eventbase-element term is missing, the event-base element is defined to be the target element of the animation" The SMIL spec (3.1 subsection "The target element") says that the animation target may be defined explicitly thru the targetElement IDREF or href URI. So in this test, the animation target is defined through xlink:href and the event base per definition is then also this referenced element.