W3CW3C W3C Electronic Commerce Interest Group Meeting

Electronic Commerce Interest Group Meeting

February 23/24 1998

France Télécom - Paris



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After the meeting of the Electronic Commerce Interest Group in Brussels the World Wide Web Consortium's staff decided that the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] should follow up with detailed work on Micropayments. Apart from the general agreement that W3C should form a Working Group to complete a specification, there were several different proposals for the precise nature of the work. In particular, work from DEC on Millicent, from IBM on Minipay and from France Télécom will be taken into account, as well as an IETF draft from Donald E. Eastlake (Cybercash). In order to form the Working Group, clear objectives have to be laid out.

This meeting will serve to define a precise framework for what the results of this work should be, and it will be a success if at the meeting or in its followup a Briefing Package for a W3C Working Group emerges.

Call for Participation

W3C members who feel that work emerging from the Recommended Reading below is likely not to represent their interests are invited to present their ideas at that meeting. Please send a message to the chair of the Electronic Commerce Interest Group. To participate in the meeting and voice your opinion, please do likewise.

Recommended Reading

(in no particular order)

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in the offices of France Télécom's CNET department, the building is

Espace Gambetta

21 boulevard Gambetta

92130 Issy les Moulineaux


This is close to the Metro line 12, Corentin Celton. Please look at the lower left region of this Paris metro map (~220k) and use this map (~220k) for the local navigation about hotels or that map (~40k) to find "Espace Gambetta".

What is the electronic commerce interest group? See the Electronic Commerce Interest Group Briefing Package for details (members only - the Electronic Commerce Interest Group Home Page is open to the public)