Implementations that have been tested using the DOM TS


This document includes pointers to resources on the web where you can find information about products that have been tested using the DOM TS.

DISCLAIMER: The W3C or the DOM TS Group in no way endorses the results given in the resources pointed to from this document. The resources are for information only, and the W3C or the DOM TS Group can and will not give any official wording as to the results of running the DOM TS given in these resources.

This Document

This document serves as a resource of information for implementors interested in the DOM technology and DOM implementations. It is updated according to information sent to the DOM TS mailing list (archives). For companies and interested parties wanting to be included in this page, please send an email to the DOM TS mailing list.


Here you will find pointers to implementation-specific resources with information about results from running the DOM TS.

X-Hive has a page describing how the DOM TS has been used in their product.

Mary Brady, NIST representative
Dimitris Dimitriadis, DOM TS Representative for the W3C DOM Working Group
Philippe Le Hégaret, DOM Activity Lead