DOM TS - writing tests and information on the DOM TS ML


This document deals with writing tests for the DOM TS and contains pointers to the various schame files used for valdating tests in the DOM TS. Schema files (XML Schema and DTD) for DOM Level 1 and 2 Test Suites are generated from the specifications using XSLT transforms.

Writing tests for the DOM TS

Here you will find information and examples on how to write tests for the DOM TS and explanations on what the tests need to be written like to be part of the DOM TS framework.

DOM TS ML schemata

Below you find pointers to schema files for the DOM TS.

Note: the schemata for the DOM Level 3 specification are subject to change, as the specifications are still in working draft stage. The versions below will be reguralry updated. If you have any questions, please send an email to the DOM TS mailing list (archives).

DOM Level Schema Status
1 DOM Level 1 TS ML, XML Schema
DOM Level 1 TS ML, DTD
2 DOM Level 2 TS ML, XML Schema
DOM Level 2 TS ML, DTD
3 DOM Level 3 TS ML, XML Schema In progress, latest version

Mary Brady, NIST representative
Dimitris Dimitriadis, DOM TS Representative for the W3C DOM Working Group
Philippe Le Hégaret, DOM Activity Lead