Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, Paris, France

Workshops: Call For Participation

Web Accessibility for People With Disabilities

The World Wide Web has been publicized as the interface that will "be all things to all people". This workshop will focus on design and development requirements involving web content, tools, browsers, and applications for one of the largest single populations in the world...people with disabilities.

Latest Information

The latest information concerning the workshop: position papers, attendees, detailled program, will be made available by the workshop chairman at the following URL:



Workshop Committee


Mike Paciello
WebABLE! Design Associates/Digital Equipment Corporation


The objective of this workshop is to bring assistive technology consultants and professionals, Webmasters, internet access providers, Web application, content and server designers, and Web publishers together to collaborate on World Wide Accessibility for people with disabilities.

The workshop program is organized as a forum that will focus on developing an international strategy for designing accessibility in the Web core environmemt. To accomplish this, discussions by presenters will include Web accessibility technology that is:

Workshop participants will be stimulated by accessibility topics featuring electronic document design, browser/viewer enhancements, standards and guidelines, client/server accessibility, authoring and publishing tools.

Position papers

Participants should consider submitting position papers that discuss accessibility for people with disbilities on the World Wide Web. New product developments, proposals and prototypes, issues, and technological updates for browsers, servers, authoring tools, are all acceptable.

mpaciello@webable.com, Mike Paciello, Workshop Organizer
Last updated: April 14, 1996