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Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many delegates will attend the conference?
We expect between 2,000 and 3,000 delegates to attend the conference. The last conference held in Boston, December 1995, gathered over 2,000 participants, with a waiting list of over 1,000. Over 700 delegates registered for WWW'96 PARIS within the first few weeks of announcing conference.
Question 2: Will there be an Exhibition in addition to the conference sessions?
Yes. WWW'96 PARIS will be the first to offer an expanded professional exhibition space, about 50,000 sq ft in all, which will feature major Web-related product, service and literature providers. A total of over 50 key exhibitors is expected.
Question 3: Is the exhibition free to the public?
Entrance to the exhibition is free to professionals with presentation of a business card.
Question 4: This conference is often seen as academic. What types of delegates, exhibitors and visitors will be attending WWW'96 PARIS?
Attendance at the conference and the exhibition follows the dramatically fast evolution of the Web. In Geneva, May 1994, the conference was very academic. Due to the increasing interest in the Web, today's audience is growing. WWW'96 PARIS attendees will include academicians, users as well as programmers and researchers, market analysts and members of the press.
Question 5: With such a large audience, how will WWW'96 PARIS address everyone's expectations?
Whether you are a chief executive, strategic planner, CIO, senior technical adviser, or involved in software and hardware research and development, WWW'96 PARIS' program has been designed to address your needs.
Question 6: How do you compare WWW'96 to other Internet-related events taking place in other European countries?
WWW'96 PARIS is not a nation-wide or region-wide event. WWW'96 PARIS is the fifth in a series of international events which began in Geneva, 1994 the birth place of the Web. WWW'96 PARIS is the only international forum gathering the whole community of Web users, providers, developers and researchers. Through the conference's various presentations and round-table sessions, a current view of where the Web stands regarding developments and business will be available. Questions of when and how people should take decisions regarding the World Wide Web will be answered.
Question 7: What is this "SMEs Forum: Business on the Web" event?
The SME Forum: Business on the Web, the first of its kind, is sponsored by the European Commission. This forum was originally scheduled to take place in Brussels, June 1996; however, both the European Commission and WWW'96 PARIS' organization committees agreed that the Fifth International WWW Conference in Paris was the perfect venue. The need for Small and Medium sized Enterprises to improve their business and competitiveness is crucial.
Question 8: Will journalists be able to meet the speakers during the conference?
Conference speakers will be keeping their own, no doubt busy, schedules but may be available to meet with members of the press. Interested journalists should address their request to the conference PR agency as earliest as possible.
Question 9: What facilities will be available to journalists and analysts?
Accredited members of the press will have access to the Press Room (Salle Ambroisie 4) which will be equipped with computers (PC, Mac, printer), fax machines and telephones, work and reception areas and press documentation.
Question 10: What should we expect in the way of documentation?
WWW'96 PARIS conference program and press kit documentation will be available during the conference. A printed summary of the conference sessions will be available after the conference.

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Created: 19 March 1996
Last updated: 29 April 1996