Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France


Friday 10 May, 1996 - 15:30-17:00


Murray Maloney, oftQuad Inc. (murray@sq.com)

Murray Maloney, the session chair, is a senior technical manager with SoftQuad Inc. He is involved in the design of SGML-based publishing solutions and represents SoftQuad on various technical committees. Murray is a charter member of the HTML Working Group and a sponsor member of the Davenport Group. Before returning to SoftQuad in 1995, Murray was a Technical Publications Architect with the Santa Cruz Operation, where he helped design a Mosaic-based context-sensitive help and online documentation system. Murray is co-author of "Hypertext Link Relationships in HTML", an Internet Draft. Murray is currently completing a book, begun by the late Yuri Rubinsky, entitled "Beyond HTML: Small Steps to Publishing with SGML on the World Wide Web", as part of the Charles Goldfarb Series.

Brief Outline

SGML is a very rich and intrinsically powerful language that is well suited for encoding structured information. A panel of experts will discuss the use of SGML for authoring and database storage, SGML tools, and the results of a recent workshop on mathematical typesetting and online delivery.


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Created: 22 April 1996
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