Poster and Demonstration Session

Workshop on WWW and Collaboration

September 11-12, 1995

Cambridge, MA

The format of the workshop will be one day of formal presentations followed by a second day of discussion and debate. Due to time constraints we were able to ask only a small fraction of the attendees to give formal presentations. However, there were many interesting and valuable proposals for which we would like to provide a forum.

We have arranged time and a room during the Monday evening (September 11) session for informal poster presentations and additional demos. All attendees are welcome to bring equipment and make informal presentations at that time.


The poster/demonstration session on Monday evening, September 11, will now be taking place in two rooms at the MIT Lab for Computer Science. Dinner will take place in the meeting room at the Sheraton Commander, and shuttles will be provided to the poster/demo session afterward.

If you plan on using the poster/demonstration session on Monday evening:

One room will have Internet connectivity for people to set up their machines. We will be providing thinnet (coax) Ethernet cabling, so if your machine takes other cabling you'll need to provide an adapter. We'll help you reconfigure your machine for our network.

Thanks to the generosity of a lab at MIT, we'll also have access to a room with some computers with Internet connectivity. DO NOT COUNT ON USING THESE MACHINES unless you have a SPECIFIC agreement with us. What we have is one machine running SunOS with a large-screen projection display, two machines running Solaris (not sure which version), two machines running IRIX (5.X, I think, but I'm not sure), and a Pentium which can boot DOS, Linux, or Windows for Workgroups.

These machines will have Web browsers on them (I know they currently have Netscape and some of them have HotJava). We would prefer not to have to install additional software or data on these machines if possible, although we may be able to do that in some circumstances.

Our hope is to use the SunOS machine with the projection display essentially as an X terminal for short (~15 minute) networked demos; i.e., people with short demos that they're willing to do in series AND that require nothing except X Windows and Internet connectivity can do them on that machine.

Some of these machines have already been allocated for particular purposes, so not all are still available.

If for some reason or another, you _can't_ do a demo locally, and you want to do the demo remotely displaying on a machine here, we might be able to get access to a machine in the second room for you to do it on. (Of course, you should be aware that there may be connectivity problems between your site and MIT, e.g. if your site's bandwidth to the Internet is limited or if your site's service provider has an interruption.)

If you will be doing a demo, we _need_ to hear from you by 5:00pm Friday (tomorrow). Don't just assume your mail or phone message gets through; make sure you get confirmation from us that we got your mail. We need to know (1) what hardware and software you'll be bringing, (2) whether you need an Ethernet connection or whether you'll be running entirely from local disk. (Again, we can provide coax Ethernet cabling, but not thicknet or 10baseT.)

IF YOU WANT ACCESS TO A MACHINE to run a demo on, WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU BY NOON ON FRIDAY (TOMORROW). If you don't hear back from us, do NOT assume that we will provide you with a machine. Please contact us about this even if you've already talked to us about providing you with a machine.

If you want to run your demo on one of our machines, we need to know (1) if a 15-minute time slot on a Sun with X Windows and a projection display (and network connectivity) is adequate for you, (2) if not, which other machine you'd like access to, and (3) what data or software (ideally none) you'll need to install on the machine. Please get us this information as soon as possible.

Karen MacArthur, Workshop Coordinator
Created 31 August 1995
Last updated 07 Sept 1995