Printing documents

Amaya can print documents with or without CSS style sheets, on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Important: On Linux or Mac OSX platforms, Amaya can only generate a Postscript description, so you must have a PostScript printer or use an application to translate the PostScript into your specific printer language.

You can print a document in three ways:

For more information on printing with style sheets, see section About controlling printing with CSS.

Using the Print command

This command prints the current document with the default printing parameters or with the values previously set using Setup and print.

On Windows platforms, the first time you launch the Print command, the standard Windows dialog is opened to check that the default printer is correct.

Using the Setup and print command

The Setup and print command allows you to change the printer and other options. Depending on your operating system, some parameters and options are reset to their default value when you browse another document.

On Windows platforms

On Windows platforms, the first time Setup and print is activated, a dialog allows you to make some choices like:

The next times, or when the Print command is selected, the standard Windows dialog pops up, and allows you to choose the other printing parameters.

On Linux or Mac OSX platforms

Under Linux, the Setup and print command allows you to:

In addition, you can:

When the Print command is activated, printing is done with the standard options or the options previous selected.

About controlling printing with CSS

Amaya does not print links as underlined. To make this happen, add the following line to your user style sheet (the amaya.css file, located in your AmayaHome directory):

@media print {a:link {text-decoration: underline} ... }

Amaya supports the CSS page break property page-break-before: always. When you attach this property to a specific element using a style attribute, Amaya generates a page break before that element. When you attach this property to an element type within the style element of the document or within an external CSS style sheet, Amaya generates a page break before each instance of that element.

Note: Some CSS properties are not well supported by the print process.