Numbering sections

Section headings (h1 to h6 elements) can be automatically numbered according to the document structure.

If there is only one h1 element in the document, it is supposed to be the document title and it is not numbered. If there are several h1 elements, they are considered as section headings and they are therefore numbered.

Headings receive a number that is computed according to their type and their position in the document structure. These numbers are generated in the document itself and numbers that were generated previously are removed, every time the Tools/Section numbering command is called.

Generating a table of contents

Command Tools/Add-Update table of contents collects all section headings (h1 to h6 elements) that follow the current position and it generates a table of contents at the current position. The command updates the current table of contents if the selection is already within a table of contents.

If there is only one h1 element in the document, it is not taken into account for the table of contents.

This command adds: