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This is a list of the mailing lists maintained by the W3C concerning World-Wide Web development and discussions. See also the Mail Robot, and all the commands in the help file

NOTE Please do not send administration requets directly to the mailing lists. All administativia like subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and queries must be send to the list mail robot:

As an example, to join one of the lists, send electronic mail to the robot
with the single line in the body
	subscribe www-announce your name
for example to get onto the www-announce list. Mailing lists are as follows, all @w3.org.
Anyone interested inWWW, its progress, new data sources, new software releases. Previously called www-interest, and renamed because of confusion. Please refrain from posting administrivia to this list! We want to keep it low volume, large membership. See basic file archive.
Technical discussions of the HyperText Markup Language HTML and its future design. Also, style sheets are discussed here. Design discussions only, please, not newcomer questions. See hypertext archive and basic file archive.
Technical discussion about WWW proxies, caching, and future directions for servers. See basic file archive.
Technical discussion for those developing WWW software or with that deep an interest. (Please keep this to WWW technical design only. NOT general questions from non-developers, which should go to the newsgroup, NOR for HTML topics which should goto www-html above.) See the Hypertext Archive, also serial recent archive, 1991 , 1992 , 1993q1 , 1993q2 , and .and index of recent messages.
Discussion of gatewaying relational databases into WWW. See basic file archive.

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