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Notes on implementations and how they're described and specified -- i.e. shared context in the developer community. Also bugs.

Hmm... it would be nice if URI access libraries supported A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV), wouldn't it?

The HTParse, HTEscape modules in LibWWW


scheme specific processing: removing :80 from http:, lower-casing domain names in news:...@foo.bar.

processing that should be scheme-specific but isn't: looking for hostnames when doing "subtraction". lowercasing domain names.

URI scheme was originally referred to as the "access scheme" -- failure to realize the myth of names and addresses. Now called simply the URI scheme (see comment in HTParse.c.

Hmmm... anchors survive relative combination? e.g. x:foo#bar + blot = x:blot#bar?

Microsoft Docs


Surround the hyperlink with angle brackets, because it contains spaces
Using Microsoft Access 97 to share static data to the Web (Aug 17, Technical Article)

Netscape 3.0

Wild! Try this one: an IRC channel.

NS fails to recognize it as an absolute URI!

See also: the bug involving fragment ID's and HTTP redirection. (seems to be fixed in NS 3)

JDK 1.1 URL class

Cites only NCSA docs! Not IETF RFCs at all!

terminology is not abstract at all: protocol, host, port, file, file.

MS COM/ActiveX URL Moniker

monikers in the com spec

relativepathto, ala HTRelative

python library@@


shiver's scsh net stuff@@



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