This paper builds on the basic W3 design and much discussion of these issues by many people on the network. The discussion was particularly stimulated by articles by Clifford Lynch (1991), Brewster Kahle (1991) and Wengyik Yeong (1991b). Contributions from John Curran (NEARnet), Clifford Neuman (ISI) Ed Vielmetti (MSEN) and later the IETF URL BOF and URI working group have been incorporated into this issue of this paper.

The draft url4 (Internet Draft 00) was generated from url3 following discussion and overall approval of the URL working group on 29 March 1993. The paper url3 had been generated from udi2 in the light of discussion at the UDI BOF meeting at the Boston IETF in July 1992. Draft url4 was Internet Draft 00. Draft url5 incorporated changes suggested by Clifford Neuman, and draft url6 (ID 01) incorporated character group changes and a few other fixes defined by the IETF URI WG in submitting it as a proposed standard. URL7 (Internet Draft 02) incorporated changes introduced at the Amsterdam IETF and refined in net discussion.

The draft 03 includes changes made at Houston in Nov 93, and on the net before Seattle March 1994.