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This is a list for those who have difficulty in following the oscilations of this specification ;-) . These follow typically from a mixture of working group meeting sat the IETF tempered by net discussion. See also: outstanding issues.

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March 1993: darft-uri-url-03

Comment in mailto: section "This semantics may be considered to be that the object referred to by the mailto: URL is the set of messages sent to or from that address. There is no algorithm to retrieve this set, but the SMTP protocol allows messages to be added to it, and any given user may be aware of a subset of its members." removed (Larry Masinter).

Dependence on ISo-Latin-1 removed. Used to read "Where the local naming scheme uses ASCII characters which are not allowed in the URL, these may be represented in the URL by a percent sign "%" followed by two hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F) giving the ISO Latin 1 code for that character." (Milos Sova)

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October 1993

July 1993