Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

16 June 2021


jasonjgw, John_Paton, Joshue, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

XR Accessibility User Requirements: open issues.

JW: There is ongoing work on open issues

I see that Josh has been in touch with the COGA TF regarding comments

There are a set up issues to be resolved before publication

<jasonjgw> Josh has been awaiting clarification of certain issues that are in the GitHub tracker. Josh will discuss some of the follow-up comments with the COGA Task Force at their meeting.



<jasonjgw> Josh (responding to Janina): these are our last outstanding issues for this document.


<jasonjgw> Josh hopes to clarify by next week which of the issues constitute potential new user needs/system requirements.

<jasonjgw> Josh: at that point we'll be able to decide what to add.

JW: Sounds clear

JS: Where we are referring to other docs, if it is Content Usable to be referenced, that would be preferred, over others.

SH: I've been seeing your emails, good work

<jasonjgw> Josh notes the challenges associated with finding references to appropirate sources; he notes the value of the Making Content Usable document for this purpose.

<jasonjgw> Josh notes that some issues (notably, of discoverability in the UI of an application) depend on the details of each implementation.

JB: Some others trying to login

JW: Any final remarks on this?

Once we have the COGA feedback to Josh's questions we should be clearer as to what changes we need to make etc

And then we can take it forward to publish

We can aim for that next week

JS: Sounds promising etc.

Are we ready with messaging etc?

JOC: Yup, all done

<jasonjgw> Josh notes that messaging for the prospective publication is lined up.

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements: any updates.

JW: Any updates?

JW: We put a doc into a GH repo, APA

Needs editing and work

JW: Steve has work he plans to contribute

<discusses formatting issues>

The basic work has been done

SN: I will try to add some new content to Github around audio descriptions

JS: Great, I'm due to work on edits for the abstract and intro.

JW: Then we can start editing and get ready for circulation

JS: I'd like to have this as FPWD for TPAC

<jasonjgw> I was somehow disconnected - will rejoin.

<SteveNoble> Me too

<JPaton> Judy was the host so I think we all did.

<janina> Judy was our audio bridge!

<scott_H> yes I think we all dropped out

Web of Things and Devices and Sensors use cases.

JW: I've circulated on mailing list ref to wiki page with commentary

Some are a11y but not derived from WoT work directly

Good time to hear peoples ideas.

JS: Can we walk thru these?

We have some from the WoT group.

<jasonjgw> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Wot_usecases

JOC: FYI I pinged the WoT group recently to ask if there an update on our input

I heard nothing back

JW: List what they are?

JS: Some which are explicitly accessibility related

JW: <Lists use cases>

JW: <Discussed presentation etc>

JW: What do we want to do?

Discuss now, or work on them and then discuss?

<jasonjgw> Josh notes that a refresh would be desirable, as this page was put together in June 2019.

JOC: I started this doc in June 2019

JW: I think these are reasonable

JS: Josh's report of no response is worrying, maybe give it more time to see if we can get some response.

JS: We could have more use cases

JW: Can we socialise this at APA meeting

JOC: I'll remind you

JOC: I'll ping Kaz and the group

JW: We could bring this back next week and look at status then.

JS: Can I give brief backgroun

<Gives WoT background>

Action: Josh to ping WoT group for update on a11y use cases

<trackbot> Error creating an ACTION: could not connect to Tracker. Please mail <sysreq@w3.org> with details about what happened.

JS: What specs will support our use case and requirements

JB: The term WoT is a term for the Web based part of what you can do with Internet of things.

an accessible WoT implications are massive

e.g home based automation with an accessible interface that anticipates need

same for work etc

JB: So the Use case examples are critical for helping engineers understand a11y

FB: Thanks for overview on WoT

I'd like to see more that covers speech recognition, still struggles there for imperfect speech

I dont really see that represented here yet

Broad comment - will likely raise that again.

JS: You are bringing this up at the right time.

We have another document that is designed to cover that

Natural Language User Interface Accessibility User Requirements (NAUR)

JB: This has come up in other areas

JS: I want to make sure we capture, the need for an understandable, achieveble, accessible - get out of jail free card

How to restart a device when you cant reboot it etc?

Like a busted thermostat, when it goes wrong - how can it be put right?

JW: Useful, all pervasive use case.

Do we need a category for over arching issues?

JB: Or a map for intersections.

RK: Regarding WoT, sometimes its about fitting it in diff kind of communication..

If we consider Alexa..

If someone is working on that - there may be other ways to interact, and not just speech or visually.

JS: As a principle we prefer to see multiple options to interact

JOC: Here is a link to the NAUR http://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/naur/naur/index.html

SH: Using a Google without a screen - it can say please look at the screen but there may not be a screen.

JS: I don't touch mine

JS: The Google issue could be a config bug.

JB: When giving my background, I mentioned we had a long debate on what to call this doc

We didn't want it restricted to voice - so we wanted something more universal

On a future call - we could spend some time discussing logistics

JB: Judy reads question in chat.

JW: WoT is one application, there is a natural intersection point

JW: I'll work on this

I also proposed some resolutions

Accessibility of remote meetings.

JS: Scott, I know you have been working on this.

SH: I spent some time and separated out the definition, as well as types of platforms

Then we have conference room platforms, and hybrid etc

I've tweaked language etc, being reworked.

JB: This is great

JB: The user requirements that are unsorted, are they still?

SH: Need to categorise etc, I've put comments against the to-dos.

This could be reviewed by people on list

JB: Priority is to get unsorted stuff sorted.

SH: I've ordered as much as I can.

JB: Lets catch up

Some deaf and hard of hearing issues need to be included.

SH: Its there in parts

JB: I've a question on the XR Access Symposium

Update on XR Access symposium

JB: Gives background on symposium

JB: Was the XR Accessibility User Requirements mentioned?

Were there releveant intersections?

JW: Yes it was mentioned in the plenary sessions early on and positively

There are probably intersections and related outcomes

Josh and i were there.

We would have to look at findings.

JOC: I heard W3C's work in Immersive A11y being referenced positively also.

JW: Thanks all

Summary of action items

  1. Josh to ping WoT group for update on a11y use cases
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