Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

16 Jan 2019


janina, jasonjgw, scott_h_, sloandr


CAPTCHA draft: updates and discussion.

Janina notes Scott's editorial suggestions on the CAPTCHA draft.

Janina and Jason agree to address Git issues later today.

Janina has revised the conclusion, which will be further fine-tuned.

Scott volunteers to undertake further review.

He is generally impressed by the progress made.

Janina: how specific the document should be in identifying specific web pages on corporate sites (e.g., an example of a honeypot which is live on a commercial site).

Janina will clarify W3C editorial policy on this point.

Scott suggests clarifying how the honeypots work in general terms before introducing any examples.

There is discussion of the approach to be taken and the clarifications to be sought.

Janina: we need a better citation for claims about the use of OCR to defeat character-based CAPTCHA.

Scott will recirculate the reference.

(that is, to a paper discussing the use of OCR with respect to character recognition CAPTCHA).

With the foregoing issues resolved, Janina will amke editorial changes, then merge her branch into the master branch, and then circulate the draft for APA review - thereafter, with APA concurrence, public review.

Editorial corrections can be made in parallel with review processes.

<scott_h_> Reference for replacing OCR issue: https://computerresearch.org/index.php/computer/article/download/368/368

Resumption of discussion: accessibility of domain-specific content and notations.

Janina suggests starting with mathematical content - where mathematical or similar notation (e.g., chemistry notation) is used.

It would be useful for APA purposes to have the navigational and interactional paradigms documented, so that further W3C efforts toward greater accessibility in this area would have well defined requirements.

Janina notes that these requirements are useful not only in the very short term but also later as further solutions are advanced in ongoing W3C work.

Scott notes the role of learning systems/content management tools in the entry of mathematical content with correct markup.

Jason will review relevant papers, including the work on data visualization accessibility and chemical diagram accessibility to identify the navigation/interaction requirements.

Janina concurs with the idea of analyzing textbooks.

Janina takes the view that we can find people who would be able to engage in an informed way in this discussion.

Scott thinks we have a good plan in place.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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