31 Jul 2018


Pawel, Kasia, EricP, David_Booth, Glenna_Mayo, Harold_Solbrig
David Booth


Blood pressure translation example in IPSM

<inserted> Files for today's demo from Pawel: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2018Jul/0008.html

pawel: We set out to do the Blood Pressure example from EricP in IPSM.
... We started with the same Turtle input, but put it into JSON-LD and added a metadata section, which is not used for translation.
... The <filters> says what must be the datatype of that data. If it is not specified, then any datatype will be accepted.
... Another difference is that anything that is not explicitly translated in IPSM is passed through unchanged. WHereas in shex anything that is not translated is lost.
... within a single cell you cannot have optional values. But you can have one cell with the value and one without.
... Also, we have the RDF/XML for the whole alignment, but we also use Turtle. But there was a problem with writing <http:...> absolute URIs in the RDF/XML. So we used prefixed names in Turtle.
... Also we don't have a focus node. But we could instead use an absolute URI (as a prefixed name).
... A side effect is that if we use URI here we have to repeat the same URI in the output, or it would be written over.

eric: If you recognize a triple pattern, it will behave the same way?

pawel: Yes. We treat it the same as anything that does not match.
... We are doing this (adding the data) because the data is typically polluted with annotations from others, but only a part should be translated.
... To connect to a sys, you write a module for you sys.

david: I like that idea of passing through anything that is not recognized.
... you use named graphs for metadata vs payload. Did you consider using a separate graph for the translated result?

pawel: We considered it, but could not reach consensus. Also considered other graphs for more things.
... But we left it this way for performance.
... These examples plus our observations should be enough for an article.
... I can start a repository for us to collaborate on writing the paper.

Next meeting

harold: I'll be out on vacation next week.

eric: I will be away on vac until Aug 27.

AGREED: Next meeting will be Aug 28.

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