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08 Mar 2017


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Mountie, marta, Manu, Adam, Colleen, Vicki
Marta, Mountie


<scribe> scribe: manu

Agenda Review

Manu: Could we add the Distributed Ledgers and Linked Data Workshop to the agenda?

Marta: Sounds fine.

Distributed Ledgers and Linked Data at WWW2017

<mountie> http://www.www2017.com.au/

<adam> manu: there is a distributed ledger workshop at www2017. I am doing a keynote at the event. I am going to use the keynote as a recruiting tool for this group. The workshop is in Perth Australia.

Dates are 3-7 April, 2017... the Linked Data for Distributed Ledger Workshop is on April 4th.

The workshop is in Perth, Australia.

<adam> manu: the event is 3rd-7th of April. The keynote is in the morning. Is there anything that the group would like me to discuss at www2017?

<adam> manu: I am planning to provide and overview of the work going on w3c and inviting people to participate.

<adam> marta: I am concerned about trusting crypto, at that it's potentially vulnerable in the near future.

<adam> manu: yes, there are these myths about blockchain that they are secure for all time, and it's just not true.

Manu: Vicki and I will be at the LDDL Workshop at WWW2017

Vicki: That sounds good, what's the focus

Manu: Current state of blockchain, how Linked Data can help, identified problems, and call to action to join us at Blockchain CG to work on these problems.

Vicki: I've been working w/ an organization, BigChainDB, who want to store data offchain... they're working with Linked Data too and IPFS.
... There is a lot of support and reliance for Semantic Layer stuff...

Marta: Trent is co-chairing Interledger CG now.

Vicki: What is Interledger?

Marta: It's work that Ripple has been doing for a while - trying to standardize Interledger protocol.

Vicki: Ok, I mentioned this to Trent, the Linked Data aspect.

Mountie: With respect to Linked Data, is there a member that has thought about URL format or mechanism for data in the blockchain.
... When I think of Linked Data - wrt. protability, Web Resources - works for those. Blockchain links are problematic. Relative links, we need to find a format for Blockchain identifiers. Mechanism to make data an absolute linke.

Vickie: We should discuss this more later on, we may have more to say as we get back. Interested in fragmentation in standards space. ISO meeting in Sydney, yet another standards-making initiative, quite a few countries involved in this. Australia has come out with roadmap on ISO standards - terminology is at the top of that list.

Vicki: I'm also involved in that effort, starting to gather different definitions in Blockchain space - Blockchain database for blockchain terminology.
... Happy to have contributions from this group to that database as well.
... We need to have key terms, put them in database, use those to discuss in an international fora, of what should be a standard definition. We're working w/ Japanese colleagues on this, Croatia, that will help participation grow.

Mountie: Please post to the mailing list.

<Vicki> Terminology database: http://arstweb.clayton.edu/interlex/term.php?term=blockchain

i/Vicki: I\'ve been/Topic: Standardization Initiatives/

Marta: I've been saying the same thing - the problem even within W3C, we have 4 groups working on stuff to do with Blockchain, it's scattered. I'd like to make sure we can get through our Agenda, though.

Paris Meet up on 30th of April

Marta: I'm looking for space, Microsoft seems to have space issues on that day, any space we could use for a day?

Vicki: I meant to reach out, but since it's on a Sunday, it'll be libraries/archives/universities - closed on Sundays.
... Let me put a message out there, ask for assistance, try to get back to you.

Marta: If it turns out that we can't find space, we may move this to Friday the 28th.

Manu: Why can't we co-locate w/ RWoT4?

Marta: It might turn into another day of RWoT...

Manu: We found co-location for Verifiable Claims and RWoT4 helpful.

Marta: I'm trying to co-locate w/ Euro security on Blockchain conference...

Vicki: I will reach out to see if my Paris contacts can offer office space.

Use Case Exploration Model

Colleen: I did some preliminary work here: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-blockchain/2017Mar/att-0001/Blockchain_Use_Case_Development_W3c.pdf
... We're trying to make sure people understand what the needs are in the community - I did this multi-tier layer cake where first level is to understand basic user needs.
... What are the types of needs they anticipate... Level 1.
... Then I thought we'd do a drill-down... gave a skeletal build out - decomposition layer - biggest domain, financial government in level 2, then drill down further and get to use cases.
... I started drilling down into the financial domain.
... I can start to pull mutual funds / annuities space - this is hopefully a good model for our community to use to have this type of use case taxonomy and build it out to scale. The key thing is we want to get around, standardize, understand the key blockchain characteristics. We want to keep things at that level of importance.
... It's interesting, looked at whole "alterable blockchain" concept - breaks the pattern of blockchain, so important to have a standard that defines exactly what a blockchain is.
... That's a summary of where my head was at... comments, ideas?

<mountie> +1 for manu's opinion

Manu: Great work! Keep going! This is great and will provide a great map for the work.

Colleen: Do we have a shared Google Drive folder?
... Happy to keep going on this.

Mountie: Level 2 - Financial, agree with Manu - we don't need to focus on Financial at first level 2, we will be able to touch other use cases more. Financial Use Cases, financial industry is doing very well with Blockchain, our role is to look at domains other than financial.

Colleen: I'll try to expand Level 2 - happy to take a crack at the next couple of levels.

manu: Please make sure you include use case domains here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BNKQ-hNFIpROyzQRig7a7kTBcmclAQlbv3MCCZfhHiE/edit#

Vicki: You have potential usage domains are sectoral based, and some are generic platform-like - identity management, that's a layer that crosses over several spectral domains - financial, government, healthcare, etc. You can see identity across all of those. Human identity - legal identity of human beings, refugee use cases, digital identity...
... I don't know if we want to distinguish cross-cutting identities.
... Then you have device identity - IoT things - how do we abstract at level 2...
... I could see this being an interactive web page, landing page, and then you can click on any of these boxes, drill down - why is Blockchain suitable for Mutual funds - get it built out a bit more - put it up on to a website.

Colleen: Horizontal overlays, identity management - we could make it 5 levels, level 2 is the horizontal overlays, level 3 becomes vertical domains.
... We can make these cover many verticals.
... We could definitely make level 2 horizontal... good idea..

Vicki: Yes, I think that would work.

adam: I support this, as I was filling out the use cases, I was assuming identity layer/ledger was a part of the use case and wasn't sure I was making an error assuming that. Support doing that.

Vicki: We're grateful to you Colleen, on moving stuff forward, good way to crystalize our own thinking.

Marta: Yes, thank you. Amazing job. We could reconsider if we want a half hour call next week? To follow up on this? We want to make sure we talk about use cases. We have 10 minutes

Use Cases


<adam> manu: adam is taking the lead in filling out the use cases. Adam has started filling them out. We have a lot of input at the bottom of the document, starting at page 9, and we need to integrate them into use cases, which vertical it belongs in...

<adam> manu: Adam has volunteered to make a first pass on all of these use cases to help start the conversation.

<adam> manu: if you see the top of page 8, there are two retail use cases. This is a good format, the same format Web Payments and Verifiable Claims used and it was successful.

<adam> manu: as Colleen expands on her diagram we'll keep the use cases synced with her document.

<adam> manu: there is no deadline right now. Once it's in better shape maybe we can start circulating the use cases to recruit new members to the group. We wan to get the doc in a good rough draft in the next month or two.

<adam> marta: I think we should have something in good shape for the April meeting.

<adam> colleen: lets meet weekly to accelerate the process.

<adam> marta: I am all for it.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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