09 Jan 2017

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jongund, AnnAbbott, JamesNurthen, Shirisha, MattKing, MichielBijl, BryanG


<scribe> scribe: annabbott

Happy New Year all the way around!

Welcome new member, Siri, from U of Ill.

take up agenda item 1

zakim take up item 1

Lessons learned from 4Q heart beat publication to improve team effectiveness and project management

MK: good sprint to Dec 14
... lot of progress from March Heartbeat
... thanks to all for contributions
... any input on way we work, managing progress, etc?

JG: learned more about git
... will be easier to contribute examples going forward
... template helps
... will be easier to tutor student

MK: any other feedback?
... goal is to make it possible for everyone to contribute according to strengths

JG: Siri has similar background as Ann, using the APG

First quarter milestone plan

<mck> https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/milestones

MK: moved all remaining open issues to Jan 2017 Clean Up milestone
... set up to allow those who are not APG members to submit input
... target for next heartbeat publication is unknown at this time

JN: ARIA 1.1 not expected to go to PR (proposed recommendation) before CSUN

<MichielBijl> “Probably a Standard”

MK: our goal = minimum viable product by when spec goes to PR
... as companion doc for 1.1 spec
... milestone 1.1 PR = minimum viable product
... as group, need to look at work included in that milestone, for minimum viable product

AA: include everything new in 1.1 spec?

MK: cover everything related to widgets as opposed to structures
... States and Properties to be included
... do another heartbeat publication + mid Feb

JN: thinks mid Feb is good target
... concerned it may be too quick

MK: may be better goal if immediately before CSUN

JG: thinks targeting every 6 - 8 weeks

Consensus: mid Feb

MK: Feb 13
... include everything in Jan2017 Clean up in next heartbeat
... those with "Review" in title are for group review as assigned
... "Update" is ready for making edits
... Michiel will take ownership of 185 and 187

JG: did update button page but don't know if that addressed issue
... removed anti-pattern

MK: has different format than all others
... looks like partially done

JG: want different pages?

MK: don't think so
... need regular button and toggle button

JG: one is making a link an actual button

MK: maybe one example to show aria-expanded

JG: will take 189

MK: button examples should include a regular button and a toggle button

Michiel: toggle should be with anchor

MK: updating 189 with guidance

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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