Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

25 Oct 2016

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EXI Renaming

TK: Most people agreed to our plan.

DP: Some people think EXI should not mean anything.
... Following practices of AT&T, IBM, etc.
... I personally would like to give it a name.

TK: I agree with you. We want to give "EXI" a meaning.

CB: John Cowan is advocating for acronym.
... There was not a pushback for the new names.
... John Cowan is saying "Don't change the acronym." This is my understanding.

TK: Let's revisit this topic after two weeks to see if there are any pushback.

Canonical EXI

DP: I updated SOTD section.
... I also added CHANGES section.

TK: I drafted a publication request.

DP: I looked at it. It looks ok, did not find anything confising.

CB: It looks good to go.


CB: It means W3C blog.

DP: Who can write a blog entry?

<caribou> https://www.w3.org/blog/

CB: WG can write it.
... Some of them are written by WG chairs.
... Still open to WG people.

DP: What's the easiest way to publish here?
... I could write a blog entry.
... I would like to write a short blog with link to the slides.
... In relation to JavaScript, we noticed that we never sent out information about CSS.
... I will make a draft and send the link to the group.

JavaScript support


DP: I created a github project for it where I put a schema, and created a Java implementation.
... It is not still fully conformant. There are still several missing constructs, which I will fix in coming days.
... The result is promising. Without using GZIP, the size is as small as original JavaScript.
... With minifier, it is 60 or 70%.
... I created C implementation.
... It is not yet tuned for performance, but can be used for experimentation.
... E.g. Browser can use it to see how fast JavaScript loading is gonna be.
... For example, angular2.js 1182582 bytes becomes 388994 in EXI4JS.
... It is not just about size. It is also about processing.
... We might also want to take a look at XML schema.
... I still keep "array" to make it easy to reconstruct JSON array.
... I looked at Mozilla SpiderMonkey API.
... I took this definition to create schema.

<dape> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/SpiderMonkey/Parser_API

<dape> https://github.com/EXIficient/exificient-for-javascript/blob/master/src/main/java/com/siemens/ct/exi/javascript/JStoEXI.java

Extended String

DP: With a little element name replacement, such as annotation to schema, and adding type element, xerces could process example 2 easily.
... annotation to schema, appinfo to type. Slightly changed snippet, EXI could process.
... Example 2 is more verbose than example 1. Example 1, you need to yourself parse strings out of it.
... I would tend to go with example 2.
... The longer the string list is, the bits it takes becomes longer, and needs more time to process.
... We also need to think about derived types.
... EXI enumerated values are not sorted.
... If sorted, binary search is useful.

TK: Any other topics?
... There is no EXI telecon next week.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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