Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

11 Oct 2016

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<n8s> btw, I'm currently on a shuttle so I can listen in, but I might need to talk over irc until I get into the office in a few min

<n8s> seconded, this is a much better time :)

<brutzman> discussion: use of public-exi and member-exi mailing lists. Telcon information is W3C member-only, but other business by default is public (unless specifically noted as member only).

EXI Renaming

<brutzman> TK will publish next week's agenda on public list.

<brutzman> Publishing our agenda/minutes publicly, wherever appropriate, will hopefully encourage further participation as well.

TK: Carine suggested us to consult with the public regarding WG name change.

DP: Should we ask the public now? Or should we wait till our home page description becomes less XML-ish?

<brutzman> Asking the public for feedback will help us update the working group description.

DB: Getting feedback from public is helpful.

<brutzman> ... that will help us provide a good description for the broader focus as well.

DP: Describing what we are gonna achieve in the future will justify the name change.
... We can start work on the new work now, independent of the new charter discussion.

<brutzman> The working group name has changed once before, from XML Binary Compression (XBC) to Efficient XML Interchange (EXI).

CB: If we don't change the acronym, name change should be ok. However, we ought to ask the public if it is appropriate or not.

DP: And we discussed we should not change the short name.

<brutzman> The name changes reflect the major progress that the group has made, and all of this constructive evolution is a very positive trait.

DP: Carine's suggested name is the only good one so far.

DB: I agree as well.

CB: EXPath is a community group, and is still active.

DP: If we say "exi4css" the focus appears more about EXI than about CSS.

<brutzman> https://www.w3.org/community/expath/

<brutzman> Binary Module 1.0, EXPath Module 3 December 2013, https://www.w3.org/2013/12/expath-binary-20131203

<brutzman> i'd hope that we would keep 'exi' in all EXI-related extensions that we do, otherwise they are not searchable or locatable.

<brutzman> ecss: "Enduring CSS, A guide to writing style sheets for large scale, rapidly changing, long-lived web projects"

DP: We can bring up the discussion of the name when we discuss EXI use with CSS WG.

<brutzman> EXI4JSON still seems like the correct name to me; "4" means "for", it certainly is EXI for JSON recommendation, and it originates in the EXI working group (rather than CSS group/community)

<brutzman> Discussion is always good, but this name seems OK.

TK: The WG prefers to use a consistent strategic names across all applications of EXI.
... EXI4JSON, EXI4CSS, etc.

Canonical EXI

DP: Should we change "intermediary" to "intermediate"?

<brutzman> I think that "Intermediary" is usually employed as noun: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/intermediary

<brutzman> while adjective is more typically "intermediate"

<caribou> Web services specs used to have 'intermediaries' (noun)

<n8s> (I had to run to my next meeting, but I'll keep an eye on the conversation going on here :) )

DP: Do we need a change log?

CB: It is not mandatory.

DB: Staring from CR, we need to track every change.

DP: How long do we want to allow for feedback.
... Mid December is not very useful, so I wanted to set it to beginning of January.

CB: minimum is 8 weeks.

DP: Exit criteria.
... Test suite is one.
... Two implementations.
... Issues need to be taken care of.
... ... and W3C XML Activity.
... I recall DB and Liam mentioned XML activity will be abandoned.

CB: It no longer exists.
... Activities are abandoned for some time by now.

DB: Domains are being removed as well.

<brutzman> Found this page: https://www.w3.org/XML/Activity

DB: There is still a page about XML activity...

CB: It should mention we no longer maintains it.

<brutzman> Also found W3C page on XML, but no mention of EXI there. https://www.w3.org/XML

<brutzman> Correction: it does include "Efficient XML Interchange" just not the acronym EXI

<brutzman> CB: see Reorganization panel (facilitator - Coralie Mercier) for more information

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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