06 Jun 2016

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Debbie, Helena, Dirk, Kaz


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<inserted> This week Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka from Harman International, Connected Car Division joined us to discuss MMI use cases.



<trackbot> action-440 -- Kazuyuki Ashimura to Tell wot ig about our bullet points for the technology landscape -- due 2016-05-23 -- OPEN

<trackbot> https://www.w3.org/2002/mmi/Group/track/actions/440

kaz: talked with the WoT IG
... and got OK to submit the bullet points on MMI
... still need to submit the actual text to GitHub using pullrequest

close action-440

<trackbot> Closed action-440.

<scribe> ACTION: Kaz to submit bullet points on MMI to the WoT Landscape document on GitHub [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2016/06/06-multimodal-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-441 - Submit bullet points on mmi to the wot landscape document on github [on Kazuyuki Ashimura - due 2016-06-13].

ddahl: explains the above action to Dirk
... liaison with WoT IG
... Kaz will submit the text

Use Case Wiki

-> https://www.w3.org/wiki/MMI/Use_Cases_Categorized Use Case wiki

ddahl: Helena and Dirk met before?

helena: no
... Helena working on MMI discovery
... now CTO of an enterprise company

dirk: post-doc research on mmi an ubiquitous
... also developed open source VoiceXML system
... trying to support more modalities for car infortainments
... focused on speech

ddahl: the other topic I wanted to talk was a CG on voice
... use case and requirements for new voice applications
... like virtual assistance
... there should be newer standards
... CGs give us opportunity to develop specifications thought they're not official W3C recommendations
... put into a mission statement to launch the CG
... not heavy IP for CG

kaz: add some note on the IP things on CGs

ddahl: would like to try new things like SLM
... also probably some ideas on dialog management, e.g., user-initiated ones

dirk: state-based dialog management, etc.
... how that can be standardized

ddahl: ok
... let's go back to the Use Case discussion

-> https://www.w3.org/wiki/MMI/Use_Cases_Categorized Use Case wiki

ddahl: would like to see Dirks comments
... esp. the first two comments

-> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-multimodal/2015Jul/0009.html comment 1

ddahl: regarding UC-7

-> https://www.w3.org/wiki/MMI/Use_Cases_Categorized#UC-7:_Multimodal_Appliances UC-7

dirk: multimodal approach to control your home
... we had SCXML runtime
... interacting different standards for presentation
... VoiceXML for speech
... BML (Behavior Markup Language) for avator
... EMMA as data
... user can control device within home
... this project has ended

-> http://scxmlworkshop.de/eics2015/submissions/Multimodal%20Dialog%20Management%20in%20a%20Smart%20Home%20Context%20with%20SCXML.pdf Dirk's paper

dirk: we use a lot of standards
... only few developers who know all of them
... how to discover devices and their capabilities
... dynamically
... coming from academic approach
... we took some shortcuts

ddahl: gap section
... trying to sign-in
... gap or general problems for developers

(updating the wiki)

ddahl: probably the discovery draft would handle the first question

(updated the Gaps section of the UC-7)

dirk: need more data
... the user says "open the shutter"
... and the system need to identify which shutter should be opened
... upper Interaction Manager for MMI fusion
... serious problem with tree structure

ddahl: we were never really clear about where the fusion engine would fit
... some people mentioned we needed a separate fusion engine

dirk: that's a possible option
... if we have more complicated system, that would be tricky

kaz: Prof. Araki and his Team had some idea about how to handle fusion/fission

ddahl: yeah
... also was there a need for additional API or events for fusion/fission?

dirk: we rely on a rule engine
... therefore EMMA within data object was good
... but maybe some dedicated fusion/fission tags could be added
... we should look into fusion/fission capability


ddahl: probably we need something more than traditional lifecycle events

kaz: kind like "merge cells" and "split cells" for MS Excel :)

dirk: fusion/fission needs context information
... need some easier access mechanism
... can handle it using extension event, though

kaz: wanted to ask about what kind of extension was added to EMMA and MMI lifecycle events

dirk: introduced additional component to the tree structure

kaz: did you extend EMMA?

dirk: no, EMMA was sufficient
... just introduced compound XML format

kaz: did you use additional events in addition to the usual MMI lifecycle events?

dirk: no, data was bypassed
... to share the context
... extensionNotification was not very useful for our system

kaz: ok
... so we should think about that "bypass" mechanism too

dirk: bypassing event chains

ddahl: something like a "blackboard"?

dirk: yes, kind of
... context information could be shared using that mechanism

ddahl: MCs can access the blackboard?

dirk: no, only the fusion/fission manager can

ddahl: I like the terminology of "upper Interaction Manager"

helena: control layer?
... we need a high-level control layer
... IM can't handle every aspect
... the data component should provide contextual information

dirk: data component within the MMI Architecture?

ddahl: part of the IM?

dirk: share the data to made it accessible by the upper IM

helena: as a part of the control layer, you can store the data
... you can put into the nested structure

-> https://www.w3.org/TR/mmi-arch/#ArchDiagram Runtime architecture diagram

ddahl: we're running out of time
... great if Dirk can come back again

kaz: yes

dirk: ok
... btw, there will be another SCXML Workshop in Brussels in 2 weeks
... June 21
... one-day workshop

-> http://scxmlworkshop.de/eics2016/ SCXML Workshop site

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Kaz to submit bullet points on MMI to the WoT Landscape document on GitHub [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2016/06/06-multimodal-minutes.html#action01]

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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