Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

26 May 2016

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DP: I reflected the discussed points in the latest editor's draft.
... You need to surround with key elements.
... If it is in empty namespace, you need to create key construct for XML to JSON conversion.
... key in 3.2.8 needs to be quoted.
... For JSON to EXI transformation, if it is the value of a JSON key/value pair.
... We don't change the schemaId. I described in section 1.1 "Warning".
... DB also was concerned about structure change.

TK: I will ask DB to review EXI4JSON latest change.

CB: We use the same XSLT across all the documents.
... We don't need to fix it individually.

DP: I also fixed XLST for the new style.

CB: If you jump to the TOB...
... I will compare with other specs, and see how we can fix the problem.

DP: Example 5-1 also look strange. We should be able to fix it easily.

CB: They will mandate HTML5.

<caribou> https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2FXML%2FEXI%2Fdocs%2Fformat%2Fexi.html

Canonical EXI

Communicating EXI-C14 options

DP: JS would integrate EXI C14N with other EXI options.
... I think we started with using URL because Canoncal XML was using that methodology.
... If we adopt this new approach, the URL is a single one.
... Section 2 needs to add more, and point to D.2.

TK: I also think JS's suggestion makes sense.

DP: Why do we need omitOptionsDocument attribute?

TK: options presence bit is just a bit, not describable.

DP: You want to warn users that sender and receiver need to use the same schema information regardless whether schemaId is there or not.
... I think schemaId with value nil and empty string, we should be able to say MUST.
... I will reply to TK's comment, with this addition.
... When utcTime is not there, we don't do anything.
... And when it is present, we do the normalization.
... Regarding ISSUE-95, we need to describe best practices.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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