W3C Genivi Coordination call
15 Mar 2016

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Kaz_Ashimura, Paul_Boyes, Philippe_Robin, Ted_Guild, Magnus_Feuer, Magnus_Olsson, Philippe_Colliot, John_Cain, Jan


Walter: we are looking at RVI and trying to figure out what organization will be focusing on what

Magnus: we are talking with OMA and the general discussion is how to cooperate
... we are in agreement we can integrate the GoTAPI and device apis and can use rvi to bridge

Paul: we have a joint meeting scheduled for 4:30pm on Thursday during AMM

Philippe: Paul presently you have no work item on SOTA?

Paul: right

Philippe: you need to discuss with the participants if it will be supported

Paul: we discussed about backend services getting meta data (from ECU?)

Magnus: there is an open source SOTA client that can communicate with software management system on the device that uses FrancaIDL
... Arynga would like an in between component
... we would open up to additional SOTA clients in addition to the one coming from Genivi
... on the server side we are going to use Genivi system with a web facing service for managing patches, configuration, etc and is being implemented right now
... if we agree moving forward we can go from implementation to documentation. It would be nice if we had someone from Advanced Telematics on the call

Walter: it would be easier to go over on a whiteboard in person next month
... as you said figuring out which organization is focusing on what is the question

Magnus: should we decide to move forward on SOTA server and standardize the web api
... we want Magnus Olsson who has been architecting the implementation to drive the standards

MagnusO: we would like to discuss with the W3C how to expose and expand this data

Magnus: the downside is we have limited experience with how to interface with the web community and may need to revector implementation based on feedback

Paul: that makes sense and also coordinated with the Web of Things WG

Kaz: I'm on WoT as well and discussion on various things including OMA's GotAPI
... I will send details by email or directly include them in this minutes

Walter: to what extent is that API web enabled?

Kaz: there is no direct relation between OMA's API and W3C WoT work at present
... I will provide resources on recent discussions including this topic from the WoT IG f2f meeting in Sunnyvale, California

<kaz> discussion on OMA's GotAPI during the WoT IG meeting in Sunnyvale

<kaz> Other resources on the WoT IG's disucssion:
- WoT architecture document
- WoT Current Practices (demo experience) document
- WoT Tech Landscape (survey of related standards) document

Magnus: we need to loop in Advanced Telematics Systems as they did the implementation

Paul: that sounds like a good plan to me
... I don't know who from the W3C Auto BG and WG are willing to be engaged

[summary of current W3C work and process, need to get people from both sides in dialog]

Magnus: SOTA work is well matured. we can answer all technical questions and should do this before getting into IoT

Kaz: that sounds reasonable. We had a joint meeting with the Device API people that delved into generic sensor API

Magnus: we are always looking at new standards and technologies to throw into the mix. we are a hybrid of different standards
... sometimes standard will be from Genivi, OMA or W3C

Paul: I see AGL starting a low level Vehicle spec and that seems like a duplicate of effort

Magnus: I started this as a Genivi project
... JLR internally has requirements for conveying the state of a vehicle at high speed internally and to back end servers
... door lock state, touch screen interactions etc
... we are doing a fire hose approach to collecting this data
... we looked at the W3C Auto spec and while a good start we needed something beyond it and can be extended
... what we started is an automotive focus

Paul: W3C work is shifting from browser focus to socket so could be more usable to your needs

Magnus: we are looking at about 2000 signals we want a tree on
... we are coming up with a lightweight process for adding signals with a rapid spec release cycle
... it is extremely early stages
... if possible I would like to extend the W3C standard with this signaling standard

Paul: this is directly in line with the way things are going in W3C
... we worked with Paul Wheller and others from JLR on this spec
... this should be another topic of discussion with you and people from the W3C WG
... we are likely going to expose a web socket based service that can convey this data

Magnus: we do want to synch up and meant to bring it up with you

Philippe: sounds like two meeting to schedule in Paris, one on SOTA and another on this
... I would like to spend the remaining time on LBS APIs. Philippe Colliot you still on the call?

PhilippeC: I have success on my proof of concept and during weekly telco with LBS people we discussed wanting to go from Franca to a Web API
... there are things on DBus that aren't available to Franca
... we need to know what kind of feature to use in Franca
... concerning the WebIDL I need people to help
... if we want to use WebIDL, I'm missing some knowledge and help and can use some help from W3C side

Paul: I wouldn't be much help on creating a WebIDL. We can get into this in Paris
... Adam Abramski is stepping down as co-Chair, Qing An from Alibaba we are hoping to chair the BG and focus on LBS

[discussion on WebIDL vs web sockets and direction current Vehicle spec is shifting]

PhilippeC: I want to discuss going from QML to HTML, we can discuss in person at the AMM

Paul: we should plan on that
... this is possible very closely related to what we will do with other Genivi APIs

Philippe: PhilippeC can you be available on Friday to join W3C WG meeting?

PhilippeC: yes

Philippe: next meeting in two weeks and agreements to share documents between the two sides
... Europe daylight savings shift will occur before our next meeting

Genivi Mean Time (GMT)?

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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