07 Jan 2016

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tzviya, janina



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publication schedule

tzviya: current schedule is DPUB-ARIA goes to CR in Feb

<MichaelC> ARIA publication planning

michael: pushing DPUB out a few months is not much of an issue

markus: we want another WD before CR
... we are hoping to adopt @role in 3.1 wholesale. 3.1 comes to a close later this year
... DPUB-ARIA does not need to be rec at that point, but it needs to be close
... What is minimum time for WD?

michael: we try to give 6-8 weeks

markus: If we get new WD out in March, +2 months for review, and CR work in May

micahel: WD in March would be psuedo last call, so we should be cautious with it

markus: we need to be sure that all the uses of epub:type are covered

michael: do you expect that you'll be able to meet CR exit requirements with new roles?

markus: same as all the other roles

ivan: How does this connect to mapping?

michael: for now the mapping document is tied to core testing

tzviya: changes to DPUB-ARIA need to be reflected in DPUB-AAM

michael: assign actions to joseph/rich. May resurrect some sanity checking tools to automate the process

tzviya: talk to rich about AAM schedule

Additional roles essential to the future of EPUB

tzviya: We will add a few roles to ensure that epub:type can be comfortably replaced

matt: we need some clarity on best move forward for *ref

ivan: I haven't seen discussion about rel vs. links since TPAC. Where has this been discussed?

micahel: discuss with HTML TF or APA

tzviya: there is an issue on DPUB GH requesting yet more *ref (tableref etc). Hesitate to add more, but we need more

Janina: Need to look at support for rel

Ivan: That is one issue, but also look at who owns the registry
... and look at clashes

michael: there is concern about overloading as well

markus: please add us to an APA call so that we can raise this issue once and for all

janina: set for APA on 20 Jan and HTML TF on 21 Jan
... it would be useful due forensic reading in advance

moving "doc-footnote" into core

markus: let's not worry about it for ARIA 1.1
... We can deal with it in ARIA 1.2 and create an aliasing scheme in DPUB-ARIA if need be

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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