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  1. HTML5 is done
  2. HTML WG focusing on:
    • Media Extensions: MSE, EME, (transcript)
    • Canvas accessibility: Hit regions
    • Getting DOM to REC: last interop issues
    • Core part of HTML isn't getting the needed attention:
      No wide review

What's up with HTML?

  1. We need proper maintenance of HTML, in a functional Group
  2. Web Components is happening in Web Applications Working Group
  3. Community has some ideas (app oriented markup, transcripts, etc.)
  4. Implementors aren't eager to develop new features
  5. Working Group Charter runs out on June 30, and letting it lapse has some issues (media task force)

Gathering feedback

  1. Robin Berjon proposed an HTML Plan to the AB and the WG
  2. Met with browser vendors
  3. Talked with several AC representatives
  4. Discussions with HTML Chairs
  5. No consensus or clear proposal yet

Challenges of Standardization

  1. Incubating new ideas
  2. Efficient standards work
  3. Interoperability and W3C Standard
  4. Maintenance (aka actual interoperability)

Incubating new ideas:
Web Platform Incubator

  1. Facilitate submitting ideas to the community with inviting place, open, and no early process burden
  2. CG operating with consensus to help future standardization
  3. Let the idea come: github repositories
  4. Track contributions through better tooling
  5. Doesn't preclude other Groups to get ideas

From an idea to a Standard

WG: Data-driven and priority-focus

  1. Use data: usage, metrics, implementation status, tests
  2. Strong leadership to avoid derailments
  3. Refocus the participation in the Working Group

WG: Interoperability

  1. Use development and stable branches to encourage convergence while evolving the platform
  2. Demonstrate interoperability to move to W3C Recommendation
  3. But also make judgement call based on implementation status and real world usage

WG: Maintenance

  1. Achieve actual long term interoperability
  2. Specs and vendors issues should be triaged and prioritized
  3. Again, use real world data-driven usage for prioritarization


  1. Licensing: W3C Software and Document license
  2. Regular activity summaries to keep track
  3. Need agreement on structure before answering leadership
  4. Use Modern tooling

Browser vendors

Quarterly meetings with consumer browser engines:

What's next?

… while getting wider review from AC and Community on the HTML plan