Application Foundations and Group boundaries



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One Web… many groups

Groups and work

The HTML vs WebApps dilemma

  1. Web Core – including HTML, DOM, UI Events, Selection, Clipboard, Editing, URL, WebIDL, IME, etc.
  2. Storage and Networking – including IndexedDB, Push API, XHR, File API, File System API, Service Workers, Packaging, Manifest, Quota, Streams, etc.
  3. Web Components – Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, data binding, etc.
  4. Media – EME, MSE, transcript, track binding, etc.

(credits: Adrian Bateman)

Application Foundations:
A New Order?


Some issues:

  1. Continuity of the work
  2. Chairing
  3. IPR
  4. Should we spend a year modularizing HTML first?