SVG Working Group Teleconference

17 Dec 2015


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nikos, ed, tav, stakagi, shepazu


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SVG 2 chapter progress

nikos: plan to publish CR by Sydney F2F
... Need to look at co-ords chapter, haven't had much time due to end of year stuff
... Dirk had issues but not sure what they are
... So I'll look at it in the new year and would welcome some suggestions on what needs done

Tav: Still a lot to do on text
... I need to know if Cameron is going to do the algorithm
... That's pretty major
... Without that the chapter will not be in a good state by January

nikos: As far as I know Cam is still going to spend some time on SVG up to the F2F, so I have confidence

Tav: I ahve a bunch of issues I need to discuss with CSS WG but they're not getting answered
... fall back is we keep text as it is

nikos: Do you think that's something we can knock over in the F2F?

Tav: I hope so
... I also have to review what's been happening with Shapes 2
... and how it integrates with SVG
... so there might be some Shapes stuff to discuss too

nikos: If we can prepare something we can give to the CSS WG and say this is what we need to cover in the FX meeting to get SVG 2 to CR then that would be helpful

Tav: I've been side tracked looking at the arc line join
... we had some questions to the list
... I should have that done tomorrow and there may be some things to discuss on the phone or at the F2F meeting
... Painting just has one or two small things to do. Nothing serious

ed: I don't have any updates. Haven't worked on anything for a while unfortunately
... Hoping to get some time over Christmas holidays to do some actions on my chapters

nikos: Yours are fairly close aren't they

ed: Yeah level 4

Teleconferences next year

nikos: Next year it would be good to have short telcon sessions before each spec editing session so we can update on progress

Tav: I think that would be good

nikos: I'll be back and available for a telcon on the 7th January, are others available?

Tav: I'll be around

ed: I should be too

nikos: I'll send an email

Sydney F2F registration

nikos: Reminder about registration

Tav: I think I'll be able to make it but not confirmation yet

nikos: Mark is looking to organise an SVG event around the time of the F2F
... probably on the Thursday
... who would be interested in attending and maybe talking?

ed: I'd be interested in attending, can't promise a talk

Tav: I'd be interested too. But also can't promise a talk
... is the venue easy to get to?

nikos: It's not far from Google, just across the bridge and in the city
... I'll let Mark know we're interested and he can start organising something

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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