10 Dec 2015

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TzviyaSiegman, janina


<scribe> agenda: DPUB-ARIA (public-dpub-aria@w3.org)

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tzviya: typos?

michael: just correct typos directly, and let rich know if he's working in the doc
... if it's unclear if it's editorial or typo, check with rich

ivan: other groups correct typos in separate branch so that the main editor can reconcile

michael: ARIA does not have consistent practice, but no editor has complained about typo fixes when done directly

ivan: tzviya mentioned that you are discussing splitting the ARIA repo into multiple repos. Still in the works?

michael: we do have a practice of keeping things of keeping things in separate folders, not separating into different repos
... too many shared components

tzviya: some discrepancy in the structure of strings even when they shared supercless
... see MSAA doc-abstract vs doc-chapter. one has prefix in string and one does not

michael: check with rich and cynthia
... probably a global issue. Once we have an answer it is an editorial issue.

tzviya: We clearly need a proofread on a technical level

michael: it's a good idea to ask the group for a proof. Consider an automated proof
... have not migrated proofing tools for 1.1 yet. Will work on XSLT for AAM
... I'm not seeing anything in DPUB-AAM that will benefit from automated proofing much
... Fix the typos first editorially, then bring it to Joseph's group

tzviya: the AXAPI is largely incomplete

michael: general problem. less to map to in AXAPI, and Apple is not providing little feedback
... may need to pull that column for the final draft. WIll assess as we proceed

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