Web of Things Interest Group Teleconference

03 Dec 2015

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Soumya_Kanti_Datta, Yingying_Chen, Arne_Broering, Carsten_Bormann, Joerg_Heuer, Ari_Keranen, Frank_Reusch


<scribe> scribe: Yingying

Github - compiling our discussions

Soumya: We have the folder TF-DI under wot in Github.
... I've setup the landing page on github already.

Soumya went through the page.

Soumya: how could we cover all these technologies?
... We still need to ask this question.
... we have some open questions.

<Soumya> https://github.com/skdatta/wot/blob/master/TF-DI/Scope.md

Soumya: any comments on this page?
... I will keep working on this. When I finished, I will send email to the entire group.
... I will give 1-2 weeks for people review and comments.
... Then after including the modification, I will freeze it.
... Then we can generate a html docs.
... what is your opinion?

Presentation from William Miller

<Yingying> William Miller's presentation slides: IoT/PowerMatcher Test Bed

William: Presentation : IoT/PowerMatcher Test Bed
... it's part of 2 activities in the standardization works.
... the test bed teams in different locations.
... test bed uses XMPP over websocket.
... the demo will be to make energy transactions in a simulated energy micro market via the internet.
... the interest points are discovery and provisioning.
... benefits for consumers and utilities were listed.

Joerg: do you differentiate the products on energy and power, or you just focus on energy?

William: the system is working for energy transation.
...for some use cases in US.
...5 mins intervals for negotiation..
...successful in 6 cities of Netherland..

William shows a slide listing some IETF RFC & XEPs

William: for XEP-0347, W3C was involved.
... The test bed methodology is to decentralized energy transactions.
... test bed devices: time-shifter, buffers, energy storage.
... electric cars put a pressure on grid.

William: this is a picture of network architecture.
... questions?
... what we are gonna to do is transaction of energy.

Joerg: is there any comparison of what you are doing and what they are doing?

William: @@@@. This time just an introduction. Next time I would like to go into more details.

Suomya: we have meeting biweekly. Next one is in 2 weeks.

Wiliam: I will try to call in next time.

Closer look at evaluation wiki

Suomya: what I try to do is to compile the wiki page materials to Github.
... if Arne could join, it would be great.

Arne: yes. we need to synchronize and avoid double work.
... it's a good start.

Suomya: for use cases we just need to add links.

Arne: how could we proceed on "need to consider" and "brainstorming"?

Suomya: I could finish them. I'ver already had ideas.
... what I concern is the landscaping part.
... we are still look forward to people volunteer to fill in the table.
... if people could fill, please do it asap.
... for the scope page, I could finish it today.
... how long should we use for review or comments?

Arne: I could contribute some more details on the table.

Ari: I have already made some update on the table.

Suomya: Joerg do you have any comments?
... Frank?

[no comments]

<Soumya> http://www.w3.org/TR/2015/WD-mmi-mc-discovery-20150611

Soumya: I will invite people from MMI to next meeting.
... they have many different requirements of discovery. it could be a very good input for our landscape.
... and working group.
... is there any other thing to discuss?

Arne: what will be our collaboration after you finish editing the landing page of github?

Suomya: I actually started the tech landscape page.
... if Arne could fill in the evaluation part, it will be helpful.
... we could start on the github.

Arne: I will transfer the table from wiki to the github?

Suomya: landscape and catogory into one page or separate?

Arne: separate is better.
... is there any template?

Joerg: yes. Please check with Johannes and provide feedback.

Arne: it's better to use final template, especially for table.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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