02 Dec 2015


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Kaz_Ashimura, Claes_Nilsson, Ari_Keranen, Arne_Broering, Carsten_Bormann, Daniel_Peintner, Johannes_Hund, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kazuaki_Nimura, Michael_Koster, Takuki_Kamiya, Tuan_Tran, Yingying_Chen, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Danh_Le_Phuoc


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Johannes: agenda
... 1. Keepalive for RESTful services (Claes)
... 2. Report from joint W3C WoT / IRTF T2T RG(Ari)
... 3. Goal setting for Nice Meeting
... 4. ideas for next plugfest

Claes show the RESTful services slides.

<inserted> Claes' slides

Claes: 10 mins of presentation.
... this is a typical example of things requiring both peers to act as both client and server.
... next slide, CoAP as example. E2E keep alive < 30s, which means you could not connect to the device beyond that time.
... next slide, Web Socket as example. Although the alive time is longer, there is still problem.
... I have discussion with my colleague. For BT LE, the device wakes up every second.
... the worst case for receiving the msg is 2s.
... to keep the NAT/firewall awake is battery consuming.
... For LTE MTC modes, devices sleep most of the time. The wake up interval is dynamically configurable.
... Wakeup intervals could only be configured in the server side.
... keeping firewalls open depends on use cases.
... existing solution: OMA LWM2M as option one. There is other solution, e.g. Amazon AWS IoT, that I haven't had time to study.

Carsten: problem is UDP timeout

Carsten: Most NATs have longer timeout on TCP.
... That's one of the two reason we use CoAP+TCP.

Carsten: IPv6 Gateway solution is something we can influence.

<Johannes> Carsten points to RFC 6092

<kaz> RFC6092

Claes: 3rd area, for LTE MTC, the devices are directly connected. No gateway.
... We have tricky part there.
... We could configure wake up time, etc; maybe we should configure firewall.
... I can make more investigation on LTE MTC. It's something we could look into and find a way to make it as efficient as possible.

Michael: Firewall traversal solution?
... XMPP has external server.
... channel between server and your device is something like P2P.

Johannes: WebRTC?

Ari: ICE itself is complex, somehow need to be simplified for constraint device

Report from joint W3C WoT / IRTF T2T RG

Johannes: one joint meeting, two breakout sessions.
... could Ari give short wrap-up?

Ari: based on RESTful track, one is how to design RESTful for IoT.
... 2nd one is developing and testing the hypertext driven solution.
... for application state, how do you model it in the RESTful.
... another topic, how to use links and values in RESTful.

Johannes: could somebody post the minutes to IRC?

<kaz> draft minute on the W3C side

Johannes: how plugREST is related plugfest in Sapporo?
... we can do cross platform test on different implementation and make preparation for joint meeting in Nice.
... could Carsten to give introduction of security related stuff?

Carsten: Oliver made a presentation.
... Authentication token
... how to express the refreshing.
... one document of security consideration of WoT was discussed.
... bootstrapping approach used by LemonBeat was discussed.
... We made official charter this morning. Ari is the co-chair.
... congrats!

Johannes: comments on the joint meeting?
... we will have another joint meeting in Nice. Welcome everyone to join the meeting.

Goal setting for Nice Meeting

<inserted> Johannes' slides

Johannes: I would like to share something with you.
... this is the slide showed in TPAC.

Johannes quickly went through the slides.

Johannes: I suggest we look into Thing.
... some API could be used to expose the thing.
... we can access some things on regular web pages.
... some APIs could be used to access the HW drivers.
... If the script is written for manufacturer A, it could also be used for manufacturer B without modification.
... this could be one topic that we could discuss in next meeting.
... I would like to hear your comments.

Claes: We have proposals for scripting API and for things API.
... how far should we go in the IG for these APIs?

Johannes: there are different designs of APIs.
... there are some different ways to go to design API.
... IG is in a very good position to experiment on the APIs
... to see which ones are feasible.
... We could gather experiences during experiments.
... we could know what should be in and what should be out the scope.

Michael: we can open discussions on hypermedia driven interfaces

Kazuaki: there are some kinds of adaptor in underlying layer.
... higher layer adaption needs to be considered.
... e.g. to access the GPIO.
... my question is how to choose the protocol in the adaptor.

Carsten: we would like to have common APIs for local and remote devices.

Johannes: this level of abstraction could be the layer that you describe the thing.
... You could use the thing as the abstraction.

Matthias: Physical API is to access the different HWs.
... and could also run remotely.

Johannes: I can see there are many interesting points in the discussion.
... I wonder if we have other topics or goals to be discussed in Nice so that we could prepare.

Daniel: Louay and I agree that we could go beyond Javascript API,
... e.g. Web IDL that can be used for other language.
... first test could be the plugfest.
... to see whether we could use these APIs to communicate.

Johannes: we should not aim at only for Javascript.
... is that what you want to say?

Daniel: we can focus on some specific language but we could broaden it.

ideas for next plugfest

Johannes: we have different people doing the plugfest based on some rough spec posted on wiki in TPAC.
... We think it valuable to include not only theoretic discussion but some practical implementation.
... we would like to continue in the next F2F in Nice.
... I discussed with Oliver
... whether we could do the plugfest with security concept.
... do we have any comments on the idea to carry some security implementation in next plugfest?

Carsten: Let's focus on the structural part.

Johannes: the whole model of who can ask for what authentication or token is a real challenge to WoT.
... not suggest to the details.
... one idea is to use the thing description, e.g.,
... does the thing need access control?
... what kind of resources are protected, what are not in the TD?
... we could go further to the discovery direction as well.

Matthias: we could post the vocabulary for the function and API that could be used on the thing.

Johannes: I would like to take an action to make introduction of simple specification on the whole thing API.
... if someone has already had some idea, welcome to send to the mailing list or put on GitHub.
... any other comments?

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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