Protocols and Formats Working Group Teleconference

12 Nov 2015


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TzviyaSiegman, MichaelC


<trackbot> Date: 12 November 2015

<richardschwerdtfeger> meetin: DPUB ARIA Task Force

<scribe> scribe: Tzviya

Janina: If we create a descriptor role for extended description, would it go in DPUB ARIA?

tzviya: no, it would go in ARIA

rich: we don't have a notion of extended description

Markus: you're saying it's a lot of work, but we don't see how we can live without it

rich: this could delay release of 1.1
... we'd have to change UI automation

Janina: I am imagining something binary, just a flag that says "this is a description"
... as opposed to something else, like an advertisement (which could also be in <details>

tzviya: This is an important conversation to have, but this is not the right group to discuss it
... many more people need to be involved
... and this is not a concern of DPUB exclusively

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to mention change history and to mention comment date and to mention publication dates

publication logistics

michael: i've been getting ready to publish DPUB-ARIA module next thursday and DPUB AAM later

<MichaelC> change desciption: This version includes new roles, changes the prefix for role names from "dpub" to "doc", and refines the properties for roles previously defined.

mattG: this is clear. We also added some roles and changed some sublclassing as well

michael: will include document history as well

tzviya: we removed glossterm/glossded because coved in 1.1

<MichaelC> Updated This version includes new roles, removed the glossterm and glossdef roles, changes the prefix for role names from "dpub" to "doc", and refines the properties for roles previously defined.

michael: it would be helpful to add a change history by Friday
... after Friday, no changes to allow for publication checks
... we need a comment date. Because of holidays, perhaps we should consider 15 Jan

Tzviya: we are planning a 3PWD also

Michael: we can publish another draft before comment period expires

tzviya: do you need change history from us?

michael: it would be helpful for you to write one, and there is also a generated change history at the end
... look at a existing publication for samples
... we also have set of review questions to draw attention

tzviya: point people to issues in the document


rich: going to group (from landmark)
... still want to be able get access to access the section that is a group
... the role description should still say "epigraph"

matt: yes

rich: the mac platform does not have specialized roles, all have to be translated
... hard code the english group as the role description

tzviya: So, if there is a non-english publication, then it needs to be transalted?

rich: yes

tzviya: are you recommending translating all strings into multiple languages? How many languages?
... is this done in AAM? Have you done this in multiple languages with i18n for other strings?

rich: no, we haven't, but DPUB AAM has so many strings and role descriptions

tzviya: I think we should publish FPWD without multiple languages and add a note that we will reach out to i18n with request
... I don't know how quickly i18n will be able to get to this
... We also need to figure out where to put the translated information
... We are ready to get to FPWD?

rich: yes

tzviya: DPUB did a CFC for DPUB ARIA 2PWD on Monday
...http: //www.w3.org/2015/11/09-DPUB-minutes.html#item00

michael: Will do a CFC in ARIA WG by email, hopr to ratify by Tuesday

tzviya: There will be a separate CfC for DPUB AAM FPWD

michael: would be ideal to have CFC for DPUB AAM closed next week

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